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BullShitSpigot Nulling, for sure they do not releak

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I'm thinking about many things ❤
Staff member
Dec 25, 2020
GhostLeaks.eu <3
Oof, what do we have here?
BullShitSpigot is trying to leak again? :3

Read the screenshot below LOL

"some sort of AntiPiracy"? you meant DL AntiReleak?
Yeah it's injected to prevent releaking from idiots who don't know how to null even simple AntiPiracy from LiteBans ( Umm I forgot ... Crack it Correctly )

Also LegitDick, my message for you and your "funny" meme "Only real leaking sites are DL and BullShitSpigot."
BullShitSpigot is not a leaking site ... BullShitSpigot is just forums where can peoples can freely share Viruses, Backdoors, Not Nulled plugins, releaked plugins :)

And back to your message
"Btw, if anyone uses that site, yh uhm don't lol. They probably IPLog your address and shit"

You telling us that we logging the IP of users? Your website was leaked, the whole Database leaked ... You telling us about IP logging? You who doesn't even respect GDPR and doesn't allow users to delete their accounts.


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