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    Our hosting provider or CloudFlare won't reply to any DMCA takedown notice!

    If you wish TakeDown of your resource then,
    Contact us at discord: TheSpace#0829

    Please allow up to a week for a discord reply!
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    In order to be able to download resources,
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  1. Rule 1
    You are not allowed to repost or reupload ( Releak ) our resources at any other site!

    It will lead to a permanent ban! And also your downloaded resources will be disabled by our custom AntiReleak system!
  2. Rule 2
    Do not ask users with a premium if they can give you Premium resources!

    It will lead to a permanent ban! And also your downloaded resources will be disabled by our custom AntiReleak system!
  3. Rule 3
    Posting UnderAge or Child pornography at
    Will result in a permanent ban!
  4. Rule 4
    Posting resources with backdoors or any other viruses
    Will result in a permanent ban!
  5. Rule 5
    You're allowed to add ads to your resources, but remember if the site with ads will contain backdoors or malware, we'll delete it and you've to get a warning!
  6. Rule 6
    You're not allowed to releak from LM or DL!
    But you're allowed to releak from BullShitSpigot, after all... they also releak, and this is punishment for them!
  7. Rule 7
    If you wanna take-down your resource, please make sure you'll fill this: Removal request
    in the next step we'll contact you, and you can purchase a blacklist at your Server/Resources.

    Uploading blacklisted resources will result in a permanent ban!
  8. Rule 8
    If you adding resources to Paid category, you're not allowed to use AdLink!
    Breaking this rule leads to removing your resource!
  9. Rule 9
    You're allowed to use up to 3 AdLinks ( Websites that shorten your URL and add ads to it )
    Adding looping Ads will lead to removing the resource too!
    Do not use Ad-Links in ranked categories.
  1. Rule 1
    Each member can have only one account!
    By making more accounts your IP will be permanently banned!
  2. Rule 2
    Staff members have the right to reject any account which looks like "spam or is automatically generated by bots"! If this happened by mistake, feel free to contact us at discord
  3. Rule 3
    Registration with using a VPN or Proxy at our site is not allowed!
    Your account will be permanently banned!
Payment terms
  1. Rule 1
    If you purchased an account upgrade and you want a refund, it is impossible, You already used that to download, some of our software.
    Keep in mind, we do not refund any payments! So think about what you want.
Community & Communication
  1. Rule 1
    We'll not accept any swearing
    Your account can get temporarily banned!
  2. Rule 2
    Spamming at our forums is strictly prohibited
    Your account can get temporarily or permanently banned!
  3. Rule 3
    Advertising other websites are not allowed! Your account will get permanently banned!
  4. Rule 4
    This forum was created in English, and our priority language is
    English. Keep in mind that using other languages in Chat, review
    section, Forums is not allowed. We don't wanna use google to
    translate everything which is not in our language!
    This rule is ignored in Direct chat "Messages"

    Disrespecting this rule will lead to being banned for 5 Hours.