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Nulled VoidTeleport+ 3.2.1

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Compatible Minecraft Version(s)
1.8 - 1.17

VoidTeleport+ adds a new feature on
your server Minecraft! Do you want to
prevent players' death when they fall
into the void? Find out lots of modes
to manage players falls into the void.


⬤ Teleport back a player from the void, avoiding deaths
Fully customizable in-game chat or actionbar messages
Set the layer by where the player should be teleported
Coordinates settable with in-game command or config.yml
Choose enabled worlds where the plugin should work
Keep-inventory option on teleport
⬤ Player damage on teleport
Particles and sounds when players get teleported
Execute custom commands

6 different modes
when a player falls into the void
Bungee support to teleport a player to another server

WorldGuard regions support
Also mobs you are riding now get teleported

Now supports 1.16 and nether teleporting system when a player tries to go on the roof of the world (bedrock).


1. Download the plugin from Spigot and place the VoidTeleport.jar file in your plugins folder.

2. Restart your server to generate the configurations, or use any other way to load the plugin, such as PlugMan.

3. Run the in-game command /VoidTeleport setspawn <worldname> in the location where you want fallen players to be teleported, or customize manually the database.yml file in your /plugins/VoidTeleport/ folder.

4. The plugin is already working, but you can also customize other features from configuration files and then run /VoidTeleport reload.

5. Enjoy the plugin!



#Enable or disable startup notification that lets you know if the plugin is up to date
update-notify: true

#You can configure the message that appears when a player get teleported.
enabled: true
void: "%prefix &7You have been successfully teleported!" #This message is sent when a player falls in the void
nether: "%prefix &cYou can't go over the nether roof!" #This message is sent when a player tries to go over the nether roof
enabled: true
void: "%prefix &7You have been successfully teleported!"
nether: "%prefix &cYou can't go over the nether roof!"

#Sounds list ->
#Configure the sound played when a player get teleported
enabled: false
void: ""
nether: ""

#Particles list ->
#You can enable the particle effect when a player get teleported
enabled: true

#You can configure how high the player will be teleported when the active will be endlessfall.
offset: 256.0


prefix: "&8&l[&6&lVoidTeleport+&8&l]"

- "&8&l&m---------------------------------------------"
- "&6&l VoidTeleport+ v%version"
- "&8&l&m---------------------------------------------"
- "&a/vt list &7- List of worlds where VoidTeleport is enabled"
- "&a/vt toggle [world] &7- Toggle VoidTeleport in that world"
- ""
- "&a/vt mode <world> <type>"
- "&a/vt offset <world> <y>"
- "&a/vt setspawn [world]"
- "&a/vt setcommand <world> <console/player> <command/none>"
- "&a/vt keepinventory <world> <true/false>"
- "&a/vt damage <world> <number>"
- "&a/vt nether [world] [true/false]"
- "&a/vt server <world> <name>"
- "&a/vt region <add/remove> <region> <world>"
- ""
- "&a/vt reload &7- Reload the configuration files"
- "&8&l&m---------------------------------------------"

- "&8&l&m------------------------------------"
- "&6&l VoidTeleport+"
- "&8&l&m------------------------------------"
body: "&aEnabled worlds: "
- "&8&l&m------------------------------------"

toggle: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt toggle [world]"
mode: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt mode <world> <type>"
offset: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt offset <world> <y>"
damage: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt damage <world> <number>"
setspawn: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt setspawn [world]"
setcommand: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt setcommand <world> <console/player> <command/none>"
keepinventory: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt keepinventory <world> <true/false>"
nether: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt nether <world> <true/false>"
region: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt region <add/remove> <region> [world]"
server: "%prefix &7Use &c/vt server <world> <name>"

empty-list: "%prefix &7Coudn't find any set condition. Use /vt toggle <worldName> to start setting!"

mode-set: "%prefix &7You set the %world on %mode mode."

offset-set: "%prefix &7You have set the teleportation offset to %offset for the %world world"

server-set: "%prefix &7You have set the bungeecord server to %server for the %world world"

damage-set: "%prefix &7You have set the teleport damage to %damage for the %world world"

command-removed: "%prefix &7You have successfully removed the command!"

setspawn-success: "%prefix &7The spawnpoint has been set &asuccessfully&7."

setcommand-success: "%prefix &7The command has been set &asuccessfully&7."

keepinventory-success: "%prefix &7KeepInventory has been set &asuccessfully&7."

nether-world: "%prefix &7You cannot change this setting of a nether world"

nether-success: "%prefix &7Nether has been set &asuccessfully&7."

nether-unsuccess: "%prefix &cThe %world world is not a nether world"

nether-already-disabled: "%prefix &cNether is already disabled."

region-removed: "%prefix &7Region removed &asuccessfully&7."

region-added: "%prefix &7Region added &asuccessfully&7."

reload-success: "%prefix &7The config has been reloaded!"

voidteleport-enabled: "%prefix &7You have enabled VoidTeleport in the world %world"

voidteleport-disabled: "%prefix &7You have disabled VoidTeleport in the world %world"

unrecognized-command-type: "%prefix &cTypes of commands available: Console, Player"

unrecognized-mode-type: "%prefix &cTypes of modes available: Spawn, LastPoint, EndlessFall, Jump, InstantDeath, BungeeCord"

only-player: "%prefix &cThis command can be executed only by players."

no-permission: "%prefix &cYou don't have enough permission to do that."

spawnpoint-notset: "%prefix &cJust set the spawn point in that world /vt setspawn <worldname>."

server-notset: "%prefix &cJust set the bungeecord server in that world /vt server <world> <name>."

world-not-enabled: "%prefix &cThe world %world isn't enabled! Type the command '/vt toggle %world' to start setting up."

mode-already-set: "%prefix &cThe %world world has the %mode mode already set!"

region-already-added: "%prefix &cRegion already added!"

world-notexists: "%prefix &cWorld not exists. Check it!"

region-notexists: "%prefix &cRegion not exists. Check it!"

worldguard-not-enabled: "%prefix &cWorldGuard must be enabled!"

spawnpoint: world:-201.5:65.0:138.5:327.67554:17.580559
y-void: 0.0
enabled: true
keep-inventory: true


➤ voidteleport.use -
Allow player teleport
➤ - Access to info command
voidteleport.list - Allow players to execute /vt list
voidteleport.toggle - Allow players to execute /vt toggle
voidteleport.mode - Choose the mode to use on void teleport
voidteleport.offset - World 'Y' layer after where it teleport
voidteleport.setspawn - Allows staff to configure coords
voidteleport.setcommand - Configure a command to be executed on void teleport
voidteleport.keepinventory - Allows staff to enable or disable keep inventory
voidteleport.server - Configure in which server the player should be teleported if Bungee mode is on
voidteleport.region - Add or remove a region from the plugin whitelist
voidteleport.damage - Set the player damage on teleport.
voidteleport.nether - Manage nether teleporting system
voidteleport.reload - Reload the config through the ingame command

To be able to use any of the following commands you can also use the permission voidteleport.admin.

⬤ /voidteleport (alias /vt) -
List all commands
/voidteleport list - List of worlds where VoidTeleport is enabled
/voidteleport toggle <worldname> - Enable/Disable the VoidTeleport in a selected world
/voidteleport setspawn <worldname> [y-min] [enabled] - Set the spawnpoint of the given world
/voidteleport mode <worldname> <type> - Set the mode of void teleport
/voidteleport offset <worldname> <y-coords> - Set the y coords after where a player should be teleported
/voidteleport setcommand <worldname> <console/player> <command> - Configure the custom command
Placeholders: %player %uuid %world %x %y %z
/voidteleport keepinventory <worldname> [true/false] - Enable or disable the option to keep inventory or not
/voidteleport server <worldname> <servername> - Enable Bungee server mode
/voidteleport region <add/remove> <region> - Add or remove a region from the plugin whitelist
/voidteleport damage <worldname> <number> - Set the player damage on teleport.
/voidteleport nether <worldname> [true/false] - Manage nether teleporting system
/voidteleport reload - Reload the config
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