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(Under Small Recode) ♕ Alice ♕ ~ An advanced next generation Anti Cheat! ⋙ 1.8 - 1.16.5 ⋘

Direct (Under Small Recode) ♕ Alice ♕ ~ An advanced next generation Anti Cheat! ⋙ 1.8 - 1.16.5 ⋘ 1.2.2

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By purchasing Alice you agree that you have fully read this page, Acknowledged the terms and conditions, FAQ and disclaimers.




  • KillAura
  • Reach
  • Criticals
  • Hitbox
  • AimAssist
  • AutoClicker
  • FastBow
  • Velocity (Vertical, Horizontal)
  • Speed
  • Motion
  • NoSlow
  • OmniSprint
  • Fly
  • Vehicle
  • Elytra*
  • Jesus
  • NoFall
  • FastClimb
  • XRay*
  • Inventory (AutoArmor, ChestStealer, InventoryMove)
  • BadPackets (Many)
  • PlayerESP*
  • Interact (FastBreak, FastPlace, InteractRange, GhostHand)
  • Scaffold
  • Timer
  • FastRegen
  • FastEat
  • AutoFish*
  • Baritone*
Hacks included with an Asterisk (*) indicate that this hack is only blocked to some extend, And there might be bypasses when it comes to them.

Note that some hacks may get detected by different modules, For example most AutoPot Hacks can be detected by BadPackets.

Make sure to read Alice's Disclaimers when it comes to certain checks and conditions.

For a full list make sure to read checks.yml

Punish Animations



Alice comes with 3 different punish animations, Giving you the option to punish cheaters in a unique and fashioned way!

Want to make your own Punish Animation?
Make sure to check our Wiki!


Alice includes her own unique built-in Profiler.

Making it easy for you to analyze how well Alice performs on your Server!

Discord Sync

With Alice you're able to sync events such as Player Punishments or Violations directly to your Discord by using a Webhook.

Making it easy for you to catch cheaters even when you're not online!




With Alice you're able to accurately view your server's resources or player information such as their Client Brand or Protocol Version.

You're also able to prevent specific client brands from joining the server, You can find more information about it inside the config.yml

Dynamic Checks

Enable or Disable checks in game at any given time via a wonderful GUI, Without the need of a Server Restart.

Player Logging System

With Alice you're able to store Player Violations by using a Database of your choice, And review them yourself by using Alice's GUI.

Supported Database Types: MySQL, SQLite, YAML

Punish Waves

By using Alice's Punish Wave feature, You're able to punish all cheaters at once after a short period of time!



Dynamic theme system, Create your own Theme and change it directly in-game via a wonderful GUI!

Will Alice lag my server?
A) Alice has been stress tested multiple times on servers with very high player counts with very good results, So if you're not running on potato hardware you're good to go! Note that the newer versions of minecraft require a lot more ram than before, especially if you're using Protocol plugins such as ViaVersion or ProtocolSupport.

Q) Does Alice support Geyser?
A) Yes! Alice will completely ignore bedrock players due to their different protocol.

Q) Where am i able to report a Bypass - Issue?
A) After getting verified on our Discord Server, You can then Report any issues you're having to our Github Issue Tracker, That way we can both keep things organized and detailed.
Don't be this guy!

Q) Is Alice better than X Anti Cheat?
A) We don't know, We respect every single Anti Cheat Developer's work and we'll never claim that our Product is better than anyone's. We'll let our customers form that opinion.

Q) Does Alice have Bypasses?
A) Considering that Alice is a fairly new product, You might encounter some bypasses, But by properly opening an Issue on our Issue Tracker, We'll most likely be able to get it patched together given that enough information has been given.
Also please understand that one developer is not able to test every single Hacked Client in every single scenario and as with any Anti Cheat
There's no such thing as instant detections.

Does Alice have False Positives?
A) Our goal is to try and make Alice compatible with all types of servers, However you should know that every server is different and there might be false positives in some cases. If you encounter any, don't hesitate to let us know!

Q) Will Alice detect advanced private clients?
A) Alice's checks have been tested and coded based of public known clients, Such as LiquidBounce, Sigma, Aristois e.t.c. However Alice might detect the majority of the clients given that enough time has passed, Alice does not and will never target specific clients, We instead focus on making general smart checks that apply for every client. But again some bypasses will most likely exist so if you find any, Make sure to report them and if i consider them important and i have access to that client they'll most likely be patched.

Q) Is Alice compatible with non Vanilla Clients?
A) Alice is designed to work on the vanilla client, Any badly coded client such as Lunar Client will most likely make Alice angry, This is not something that we or any Anti Cheat is able to add compatibility for (False positive reports from such clients will be considered as Invalid).

Q) Is Alice a silent Anti Cheat?
A) By default yes, You can disable Alice's Ghost Mode within the config.yml in order to make Alice setback players. However note that Alice is originally designed as a silent anticheat.

Q) Can you add compatibility for X plugin?
A) If compatibility is required, And that plugin has a high enough popularity and an API. Of course! Alternatively if you're a Developer yourself, It's fairly easy to make Alice compatible with Anything by using our API.

Alice has a very easy to use API, Make sure to check out our Wiki.

How to use the AliceAPI (Making a custom check)

How to make your own Punish Animation

Alice may be incompatible with the following
  • Plugman (Reloading in general)
  • PerWorldPlugins
  • Other anti cheats
  • Plugins that modify or add new mechanics to the game, Such as Reduced Knockback
  • Plugins that alter player movement
  • Protocol Hacks on BungeeCord such as ViaVersion (Please do not run ViaVersion on BungeeCord since it's known to cause issues)
  • Any weird badly coded Packet Listening API's
  • Drag clicking or similar (Can be adjusted within the checks.yml)
  • Terribly coded non vanilla clients



PlaceholderAPI Placeholders



Alice requires ProtocolLib

Feel free to Test this plugin yourself by Joining our Test Server!




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