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ServerCore - Advanced Moderation Plugin (1.7-1.12) | Deleted from MC-Market

Exclusive ServerCore - Advanced Moderation Plugin (1.7-1.12) | Deleted from MC-Market 1.7.1

No permission to download
ServerCore is an advanced plugin that allows you to moderate your server better than ever. There are many, many features and commands to help communicate to the staff team within your server, spot and eliminate hackers and much more.


  • Staff chat which can be easily recognised.
  • Staff mode which has many features.
  • Log commands, block events and messages to a file.
  • Block certain messages in the chat via the config file.
  • Many, many useful staff commands.
  • Broadcast a message to the server.
  • Advanced inventory viewer.
  • Report and help-op functions.
  • Check if a player is muted or banned.
  • Mute the chat if there is too much spam.
  • Clear the chat if there are too many advertisements.
  • Teleport to another world with a simple command.
  • View your ping to the server.
  • View the server's tps and lag.
  • Freeze players who are breaking the rules.
  • Teleport to a random player within the server.
  • Custom messages for every single command.
  • Notify staff members when a spawner is broken.
  • Daily updates and constant support.
  • Option to disable any of the features within the plugin if you have another plugin that does this.
  • Automatic message broadcast after a certain amount of time.
  • Option to charge players when mining a spawner in their territory. This is to prevent players logging off with their spawners (FactionsUUID).
  • Chat slow feature to prevent spam.
  • Chat filter feature.
  • Coloured Signs.
  • MOTD for players logging in.
  • Silent join feature.
  • And much, much more!

"/" Command
"<>" Required
"[ ]" Optional
  • /broadcast <message> - Broadcasts a message to the server.
  • /day - Change the current time to day.
  • /night - Change the current time to night.
  • /cc - Clear the chat so it can no longer be viewed.
  • /mutechat - Mute the chat so default members can no longer talk.
  • /helpop <message> - Sends a message to all online staff when a player requires help.
  • /report <player> <reason> - Allows a player to report another player for breaking the rules.
  • /lag - View the current server status.
  • /freeze <player> - Freeze a player that isn't obeying the rules.
  • /unfreeze <player> - Unfreeze a player that was frozen by mistake.
  • /tp <player> - Teleport to a specified player.
  • /tphere <player> - Teleport a specified player to your location.
  • /worldtp <world> - Teleport to a specific world.
  • /invsee <player> - View a player's inventory.
  • /who - View how many players are currently online.
  • /sm - Enter the staff mode.
  • /vanish - Enter vanish mode.
  • /gm <gamemode> - Quick way to change gamemode.
  • /setspawn - Set the spawn location.
  • /sc - Enter the staff chat.
  • /setmotd - Set the motd for when players join.

  • SERVERCORE.* (Access to all the permissions within the plugin).
  • SERVERCORE.BROADCAST (Broadcast a message across the server).
  • SERVERCORE.CHANGETIME (Change the time to night or day).
  • SERVERCORE.CLEARCHAT (Clear the chat of any messy nonsense).
  • SERVERCORE.FREEZE (Freeze a player who is breaking the rules).
  • SERVERCORE.UNFREEZE (Unfreeze a player who has been frozen).
  • SERVERCORE.HELPOP (Allows a player to use helpop).
  • SERVERCORE.HELPOPVIEW (Allows moderators to view helpop).
  • SERVERCORE.REPORT (Allows a player to use reports).
  • SERVERCORE.REPORTVIEW (Allows moderators to view reports).
  • SERVERCORE.LAG (Check the server status).
  • SERVERCORE.GAMEMODE (Allows moderators to change gamemodes).
  • SERVERCORE.MUTECHAT (Allows moderators to mute the chat).
  • SERVERCORE.MUTEDCHATTALK (Allows moderators to talk in a muted chat).
  • SERVERCORE.PING (Allows you to check your current ping).
  • SERVERCORE.SETSPAWN (Allows you to set the spawn location).
  • SERVERCORE.STAFFCHAT (Puts you into staff chat mode).
  • SERVERCORE.STAFFMODE (Enables/disables staff mode).
  • SERVERCORE.VANISH (Allows you to see other vanished moderators).
  • SERVERCORE.TP (Teleport to a player).
  • SERVERCORE.TPHERE (Teleport a player to your location).
  • SERVERCORE.INVSEE (View a player's inventory).
  • SERVERCORE.WHO (View the amount of players online).
  • SERVERCORE.WORLDTP (Teleport to another world).
  • SERVERCORE.BREAKSPAWNER (Notify staff members when a spawner is broken).
  • SERVERCORE.SIGNCOLORS (Change the colours on signs using minecraft colour codes "&").
  • SERVERCORE.SETMOTD (Change the motd for when players login).
This plugin now supports Vault and can be used to log a player's rank into the log files.

This plugin can be linked to FactionsUUID which from this link...

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