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[Sale 10% OFF] RareItemHunter Reborn!

Exclusive [Sale 10% OFF] RareItemHunter Reborn! 0.9

No permission to download
(!) Please keep in mind, this plugin is not updated from: Jul 11, 2018 It may contain bugs (!)


✦ RareItemHunter Reborn has been posted due to a lot of demand. I did it because that was my favourite plugin and the original author stopped supporting that so I have decided to continue with it. The plugin is mostly the same, but I have added features like more items, modified abilities... Also CUSTOM MESSAGES ARE NOW ADDED!

Join our Discord community here: https://discord.gg/kGZCRqD

✦ About the original plugin:

The plugin was originally developed by Ne0nx3r0 (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/rareitemhunter). The source code has been always opened on github, so I decided to take it and take the project.

✦ Why premium?
It is because I am not a proffessional developer and it has taken me a lot of time to make it possible, so I need a way to continue doing the effort and updating the plugin. If you want information about selling free software: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html

✦ Known bugs:
You can´t use potions in your craftings. I am trying to find a solution for that problem.
Some console errors messages while using Skript. I am trying to fix it, but they don't affect the plugin's functionality.

✦ Known incompatibilities:
- WildSkript: there is nothing I can do with that... Sorry, I am trying to contact the author in order to find a solution.

✦ Payment and Custom Versions:
If you don´t have PayPal, you can pay this resource with PaySafeCard by contacting me via PM.
If you want a custom version of the plugin for your server, contact me via PM.

✦ Todo:
  • Add messages customization. DONE
  • Change Spanish messages to English messages. DONE
  • Change Spanish commands to English commands. DONE
  • Add more properties.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Update it to more minecraft versions.
✦ Features:
  • Configurable craftings.
  • Random boss egg spawn in your world (/boss spawnpoint)
  • Configurable bosses.
  • You can choose ability costs.
  • You can use tributes, essences, dark matter and cursed diamonds in your craftings.
  • A lot of different preconfig bosses.
  • Boss skills customization.
  • Running with java 7.
  • Tested on Minecraft
✦ Commands:
  • /boss: Main command of the plugin.
  • /boss whatis: Information about crafting.
  • /boss spawn: Spawn a Boss.
  • /boss essence: Gives you a legendary essence.
  • /boss matter: Gives you a dark matter.
  • /boss diamond: Gives you a cursed diamond.
  • /boss tribute: Gives you a legendary tribute.
  • /boss compass: Gives you a legendary compass.
  • /boss egg: Spawn a Boss Egg.
  • /boss spawnpoint: Manage random spawnpoints.
  • /boss timer: Check time remaining to try to generate a boss.
✦ Permissions:
✦ User: rareitemhunter.hunter.*
✦ Admin: rareitemhunter.admin.*

✦ Installation:
✦ Download the plugin and put it on your plugins folder.
✦ Restart the server.
✦ Edit your config.yml and your bosses and recipès (bosses.yml and component_recipes.yml).
✦ Enjoy the plugin!

✦ Files:
Spoiler: config.yml
Spoiler: bosses.yml
Spoiler: component_recipes.yml
Spoiler: language.yml (WIP)

Spoiler: language.yml (SPANISH)

✦ Images: (Images are in Spanish, but messages are totally customizable).







✦ Video:
I will be trying to make a video, but if you do one, feel free to contact me to post it here.

Terms Of Service:
  • After purchase you are a "buyer" of the plugin, who has no right on refund.
  • You are over the age of 18 or you have parental permission.
  • I can change the price at anytime.
  • I can change the content of the plugin at anytime.
  • You are not allowed to leak this plugin.
  • You only can have this plugin on one server or network.
  • You are not allowed to decompile this plugin.
  • You are not allowed to resell this plugin.
  • You accept the terms of Spigotmc.org.
  • I can change this terms at anytime.
  • You agree to help me in order to find bugs and add more features.
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