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Exclusive RePlant 1.6.2

No permission to download
Compatible Minecraft Version(s)
1.16, 1.17

Automatically replants crops and saplings!

can automatically replant crops and plant fallen down saplings. Every player can disable/enable this feature individually using the /replant command. Only fully grown crops are automatically replanted..

Supports all protection plugins. Saplings will only be planted if the player would have permission to place it by hand

Permission: replant.use
Toggles auto-replanting of crops (wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, nether warts) per player

/replant reload
Permission: replant.reload
Reloads the config file

Allows to use the /replant command

Allows to reload the config using /replant reload

Other Plugins by me
If you want to sort your chests automatically, try out ChestSort:
ChestSort: Automatically sorts all your chests!

May the odds be ever in your favor! Have an angel protect your loot when you die.
AngelChest Plus: Stores your inventory in a protected chest when you die!

Finally makes shulker boxes convenient:
AutoShulker: Automatically puts certain drops into your shulker boxes!

No time for putting your stuff into the right chests? Try out InvUnload:
InvUnload: Automatically puts your stuff in the right chests!

Tired of climbing trees like a monkey?
LumberJack: Enable tree gravity for easy woodcutting.

Don't want to collect all drops manually? Use Drop2Inventory. Also reduces lag.
Drop2Inventory Plus: No more need to collect drops!

BestTools automatically chooes the best tools for you and refills your hotbar when you run out of items.
BestTools: Mine and build faster than ever before!

Enjoy some mellohi on loop while slaying zombies:
JukeBoxPlus: Totally enhances JukeBoxes! Loop, shuffle, autostart mode, custom radius, etc.

No more frustration while using double doors:
Doors Reloaded: Auto opens/closes double doors, lets you knock on doors, redstone support, etc.
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