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ProtocolFirewall - Plugin

Exclusive ProtocolFirewall - Plugin 1.0.6 | Donated file

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Are you looking for a plugin that adds more layers of protection
to your server ? Then you are at the right place !
ProtocolFirewall is here to completely elimitate the chance of getting
griefed by players who are trying to lag, crash or exploit your server


  • AntiClient (Blocks some modded clients from joining your server)
    • Anti World Downloader
    • Anti Laby Mod
  • AntiExploiter (Block some well known server exploits)
    • Anti Crash-Sign
    • Anti UUID Spoofing
    • Anti Ping Spoofing
    • Anti Self Damage
    • Anti Null Chunk
    • Anti Null Ip
    • Anti Null Custom Payload
    • Anti Packet Flooding
  • CommandsVanisher (Vanishes choosen commands from your server)
  • InternetSpeedTest (Calculates the average bandwidth of your server)
  • IpAccountProt (Allows a specific IP to join from a specific account)
  • IpBlocker (Blocked IPs can't see your server on their servers list)
  • LagMap (Generates a TPS graph of the last 20 seconds)
  • OpPlayersProt (Protects the OP permission)
  • PacketsCounter (Calculates the Packets traffic of your server)
  • Passwords (Allows players to set their own password if they want. Supports one-way encryption and MySQL too)
  • ProxyChecker (Checks if an upcoming player uses proxy or not. If he does then he can't see your server in his servers list. Supports MySQL)
  • ServerOptimizer (Prevents your server from crashing in a laggy situation such as large redstone machines)
    • Emergency TPS Helper
    • Hopper Optimizer
  • TabBlocker (Blocks the tab completion for specific commands)
  • ChatLogs (Logs every chat message. Messaging commands are supported)
  • CommandLogs (Logs every command)
  • PluginLogs (The logs of ProtocolFirewall)
  • MySQL Support (Allows you to use MySQL to share some data between your servers)
  • ServerMonitor (Opens a GUI that contains your server's stats such as Java Version, CPU Cores, RAM, Operating System)
  • PlayerInfo (Opens a GUI that contains the data for a specific player. Uses MySQL)
  • ChunksCounter (Generates a graph of the laggiest chunks)
  • PhysicsDisabler (Allows you to toggle the physics permanently or for a specific amount of time)

Admin Commands:
  • /pfadmin reload (Reloads all the configs) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin ipblocker <add/remove> <ip> (add or removes an IP from the IpBlocker) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin lagmap (Sents you the LagMap) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin chunks [amount] (Sents you the top laggiest chunks) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin internetspeed (Starts an Internet Speed Test) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin server (Opens the ServerMonitor) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin playerinfo <player> (Opens the PlayerInfo for a specific player) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin togglephysics (Toggles the physics) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin disablephysics [seconds] (Disables physics for a specific amount of time) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin goodip <add/remove> <ip> (adds or removes an IP from the GoodIps. GoodIps are ignored by the ProxyChecker and the IpBlocker modules) [pfadmin.use]
  • /pfadmin updatebadips (A command to manually download the BadIps Database) [pfadmin.use]

Module Permissions:
  • Permission to bypass the CommandsVanisher [pfcommands.bypass]
  • Permission to bypass the TabBlocker [pftab.bypass]
  • Permission to bypass the AntiExploiter [pfexploit.bypass]

Player Commands:
  • /pass register <password> <confirmPassword> (Registers the player) [pf.password]
  • /pass changePass <oldPassword> <newPassword> <confirmPassword> (Changes the password of the player) [pf.password]
  • /pass login <password> (Logins the player) [pf.password]

  1. Install ProtocolLib
  2. Install ProtocolFirewall
  3. Restart the server
  4. Go to the config files and remove my name (GalaxyEaterGR) from every single one of them (This is extremely important)
  5. Add your Opped players to the Op-Players list that is located on the OpPlayersProt.yml
  6. Connect the MySQL
  7. Restart the server and you are ready to go
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