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NotifierPlayer – HEX Color – Full Option – Cooldown [1.7-1.17]

Exclusive Nulled NotifierPlayer – HEX Color – Full Option – Cooldown [1.7-1.17] 1.0.5

No permission to download
Compatible Minecraft Version(s)
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17


NotifierPlayer allows you to notify players according to your wishes thanks to many available parameters :
  • It incorporates a sound system, different displays on the screen such as a title.
  • You can also set a delay between each mention of a player to avoid spam.
  • A player does not want to be notified ? It can disable mentions with /notify on/on !
  • A precious help is integrated ... /notify help allows you to explain how to use the plugin to your players. In addition, it automatically adapts to your config.yml!
  • A payment system is also integrated for those who want to charge the mentions. Without forgetting the language system to have your plugin in the language of your server.
  • And much more to discover ...
Everything is completely customizable, so personalize the plugin in your image as of now.

The plugin has been upgraded to "PREMIUM" to help motivate the active developer and me to pay the development server and bug fixes in close functionality. If you don't appreciate the hard work put into these plugin updates, you can download the same versions for free here but it will be sad.



Spoiler: /notifier help

  • /notifier on/off - whether or not to allow players to mention you
  • /notifier help - display plugin help
Spoiler: Admin commands

Permissions :
notifier.bypass → allows to override the delay between each mention and the /notifier off
notifier.everyone → authorizes to use the tag everyone + authorization to notify.bypass
notifier.admin → authorizes any action on the plugin

Spoiler: config.yml


Note 1: Versions below 1.16 don't use hex colors, you can't use code like {# D04949}.
Note 2: The versions do not support all each functionality, it's up to you to check what to disable according to the version chosen and adapted the configuration.
Note 3: If you want to help with the translation, contact me on discord.
Note 4: Warning, thank you not to touch the PlayerList.yml file if it appears !
The report of bugs / problems is not to be done in the evaluation section, a discord is open for this thank you.
First release
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