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MLGRush | Like on Minesucht.net || Multi-Arena | First Release!

Exclusive MLGRush | Like on Minesucht.net || Multi-Arena | First Release! 2.0.1 - release

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Sorry for the bad English! The description was written in German.
Need to be fixed cuz the plugin is kinda bugged.

● MLGRush ●

I offer an MLG rush system, which is similar to the one on MineSucht.net. Man
can add infinite maps.

× Features ×

»[Feature]: [Description] | [Permission]
»All messages in the config can be adjusted
»Adjustable prefix
»Adjustable ScoreBoards
»Sound effects (can be deactivated)
»Stats-Wall (any number of entries)
»Inventory sorting
»Advance other players
“Stats system
»Load animation (if no map is available)
»Setup wizard
»Accepting challenges can be deactivated
»/ Quit: Command to quit the current duel
»/ Setup: Starts the setup | mlgrush.setup
»/ Setqueue: sets the queue villager | mlgrush.setqueue
»/ Build: Build in the lobby | mlgrush.build

× Information ×

My Discord server is available for support:
The plugin was tested with Java 1.8.0_221 and programmed with the Spigot API 1.8.8.
A spigot server and a MySQL server are required.
The source code is not included!
First release
Last update
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