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Minecraft Littleroom Kraken

Exclusive Minecraft Littleroom Kraken 2021-09-13

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Compatible Minecraft Version(s)

The winner of the August Monthly Mob Vote! RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
This monthly mob went a little differently this time, the community decided which mobs would make it to the candidacy on discord and then voted which was most worthy to make it to the mob of the month status!
The Kraken sports 3 skills -
Whirlpool - Kraken spins and whips his tentacles in a swirl damaging and disorienting any nearby players.
Whip - Kraken flails his two bladed tentacles at the player slicing them for massive damage.
Ink Spray - When the Kraken is damaged there's a small chance he will attempt to get to safer waters by spewing ink and torpedoing itself backwards.
Bite - Kraken can bite players who get to close by sucking in water and pulling them closer and taking a chomp at them with its beak, small chance of being consumed when this happens and then spit back out!

this is special configuration for model engine

with ready model and everything
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