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MailMe | The Ultimate Mail System [1.13-1.17.1] [50% Summer Sale]

Exclusive MailMe | The Ultimate Mail System [1.13-1.17.1] [50% Summer Sale] 1.5.25

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Compatible Minecraft Version(s)
1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17
English, Portuguese, German, Cantonese. Any if you add & translate them


MailMe is a new mailing system with more capabilities than others! With mailboxes and notifications, allow players to send messages, items and books

With preset languages, it’s easier than ever to setup!
There's also a WIKI with setup, usage and commands with permissions.








  • MySQL Support -> Multiple servers can have a linked mailbox​
  • Send Preset, predefined Mail to players.​
  • Find nearby mailboxes​
  • Well designed UI with filtering and expansion features​
  • Send to online and offline players.​
  • Pinging mailbox when you have unread mail​
  • Asynchronously programmed. All data collection is off thread so your server can run lag free!​
  • Multiple, per player language support​
  • Notification settings​
  • Sending animations​
  • Mailboxes!​
  • Postoffices!​
  • Send Items, Letters and Books!​
  • More!​
Soft Dependencies:
These are optional addons that you can install to enhance your experience with MailMe!​
Things to note:
  • Cross Server mailboxes are possible but if someone sends mail to you from a different server to which you're logged on to, you currently will not receive a notification.​
  • Translations are generally done by contributors so a short while after an update some languages (e.g Cantonese) may not be updated yet.​
  • Versioning: As of version 1.5.10 the plugin is only going to be receiving support for the latest version of Minecraft. If you wish to use older versions, you will not receive support however you may still use old versions of the plugin which may / may not support it.​

See the wiki for setup, tutorials, permissions and FAQ
Thanks for considering! Please consider leaving a review!​
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