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Exclusive Leaderheads 2022-01-11

No permission to download

Leaderheads is a plugin that allows you to create all-time, daily, weekly, monthly leaderboards for all statistics tracked through PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI (requires a premium Maximvdw plugin).

  • Works with all placeholders of PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI, even custom ones
  • Easy setup. Setting up the signs and player heads is very straightforward and takes only a few minutes
  • Super efficient. The plugin is optimized to handle a lot of data at the same time and it won't affect your server performance
  • Works with all modern versions of Spigot/Bukkit/PaperSpigot/Cauldron, including 1.8 - 1.15. Most 1.7 versions also work, but support can not be guaranteed.
  • Regular plugin updates with new features
  • Extensive configuration to customize every sign, message, update interval, menu and more.
  • Configurable commands to open menus to see your leaderboards.
  • Citizens support to create leaderboard NPCs
  • Custom PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI to use leaderboard data in other plugins such as FeatherBoard and DeluxeMenus
  • Support for multiple hologram plugins through PlaceholderAPI
  • SQLite and MySQL support for storing data
  • Armorstand leaderboards
  • Exclude certain players from specific leaderboards
Click here to see a collection of pictures that explains the main features of the plugin.
Spoiler: Pictures

The wiki has all the information about setting up the plugin.

Are you having some trouble or do you have any question ?
Check out the FAQ to make sure that your question hasn't been answered yet.
Don't hesitate to contact us.

There are various ways to contact me about issues and private inquiries. If you don't feel comfortable with setting up this plugin by yourself, contact me and we can arrange something.
You can send me a private message on Spigot by clicking this link.
You can also contact me via e-mail or Discord: Robin#7385
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