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KnockbackFFA Minigame [20% Happy New Year Sale] || First Working version

Exclusive KnockbackFFA Minigame [20% Happy New Year Sale] || First Working version 8.2

No permission to download
Before all, Thanks to Just_Jitse for the NPCLib API!

-> [1.13.x && 1.14.x] in Beta, i do not have reports of bugs and i think that work correctly!
-> [1.15.x-1.16.x] Experimental can found bugs or problems, i cannot play and test in their versions.

Support Discord https://discord.gg/Rem3veh


    • Support SQLite and MySQL
    • Elo Ranking
    • Configurable Ranks
    • Support unlimited Elo Ranks
    • Configurable Elo Max-Min.
    • PlaceholderAPI Expansion
    • Scoreboard Support PlaceholderAPI
    • Scoreboard with No-Flicker
    • Instant void death
    • Interaction Protection Upper Region
    • PvP Protection Upper Region
    • Block Placing/Camping Protection Upper Region
    • Auto Kit
    • Instant kill
    • Kits Configurable
    • 21 KillSounds
    • 21 Arrow Trails
    • Special Events
    • Map Change Polls
    • 14 Kill Effects
    • Kill Commands
    • Death Commands
    • Streak Commands
    • Configurable Timer between events
    • Configurable events duration
    • Configurable event order or list
    • Settings changing with NPC
    • Multimap support
    • Configurable Auto map changer timer
    • VIP Map Change Polls
    • No Dependencies
    • Support BungeeCord
    • Support Single-Arena
    • Unlimited NPCs
    • Unlimited Maps
    • Messages configurable
    • Configurable block timer
    • Placeds blocks animations
    • Death messages on ActionBar
    • Cooldown on ActionBar
    • Infinite KillStreaks every 5 kills
    • KillStreaks Title and Sound
    • Cmd to access to SettingsMenu
    • Allowed cmds configuration
    • Settings Items Customizables
    • Settings Slots Customizables
    • BlockAnimations delay configurable
    • You can create unlimited BlockAnimations
    • Heal on streak option!
    • Random health for kill option!
    • Blood for pvp option!
    • Infinite blocks option!
    • PreLobby Optional
    • Configurable PreLobby Items
    • Easy to use
And much more.

Placeholders: kbffa_kills, kbffa_deaths, kbffa_streak, kbffa_maxstreak, kbffa_kdr, kbffa_kit, kbffa_block, kbffa_trail, kbffa_killsound, kbffa_killeffect, kbffa_elo, kbffa_elorank.


  • kbffa.admin for all setup commands
  • kbffa.commands for use any command in game
  • kbffa.changemap for map changing polls (Recomended for donators)
  • kbffa.block.<yaml node of blockanimation> for BlockAnimations
  • kbffa.killsound.<from 1 to 21> for killsounds
  • kbffa.trail.<Note, Slime, Lava, Water, Fireworks, Reddust, Portal, Flame, Heart, Enchant, Cloud, Spell, Magic, Snowball, Snow, Footsteps, Townaura, Happy, Angry, Smoke, Bubbles> for trails
  • kbffa.killeffect.<Firework, TNT, Thor, Blood, Cookie, Tintes, SquidRocket, Creeper, Zombie, Hearts, Flowers> for kill effects

  • Ecuacraft Network | mc.ecuacraft.com
  • LatinPlay Network | latinplay.net
  • VexyGames Network | play.vexygames.com
  • TriplMania | mc.triplmania.cz


OLD VIDEOS (v5.0 and below):

    • PRE-CONFIGURED SERVER (Messages in Spanish)

➠ Do not pass the plugin to friends or that they have access to.
➠ Do not say that you created the plugin.
➠ Do not decompile the plugin.
➠ Do not give stupid opinions and less without asking for support.
➠ Do not upload the plugin to download for free.
➠ After buying the plugin there will be no refunds because it is a digital product
➠ If you need the source code, it costs you additional money contact at my support discord.
➠ I am not obligate to provide updates, however i will do so whenever i can.
You agree that these terms may change at any time
the failure to comply with certain terms may cause your account to be banned from spigotmc.
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