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[HQ] ╰✨╮ BUNGEE SETUP ➔ Limbo ✧ AntiBot ✧ AntiVPN/Proxy ✧ Parties ✧ Discord Bot ✧ +20 Features

Setup [HQ] ╰✨╮ BUNGEE SETUP ➔ Limbo ✧ AntiBot ✧ AntiVPN/Proxy ✧ Parties ✧ Discord Bot ✧ +20 Features 2.2

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Professional BungeeCord setup with a variety of special features and mechanics for your server. You can change your skin and if you are an administrator you will have help tools such as Client Stats, staff chats, reports, and much more. The setup includes a linked "Limbo" server.
Spoiler: Showcase

PARTIES | Fun parties system to share with your friends.
MOTD | Clean and nice MOTD design with a beautiful server-icon.
JUSTONEMORE | The maximum number of players will be added to one, that is, if there are 5, the capacity will come out in 6, if there are 6, it will come out in 7 and so on.
ANTIBOT | Incredible widely used anti-bot protection.
ANTI-VPN/PROXY | Players using VPN or Proxy will not be able to enter.
GLOBAL MSG | You can send private messages to another player while on different servers.
CLIENT STATS | You will be able to receive statistics on the versions with which the players enter.
PLUGIN BLOCKER | Commands to view plugins are blocked as well as commands that could harm the server. (Includes tab-complete)
STAFF CHAT & SOCIALSPY | Staffs have a private global chat, and will be able to see private messages from other players on the network.
REPORTS | You can report players who break the rules.
CUSTOM MESSAGES | All the internal messages of BungeeCord are modified, and the messages of the plugins are with high quality.
LIVESTREAM | System for YouTubers/Celebrities on your server to announce their live throughout the server.
ADS-BLOCKER | This will block all links containing ".net .com" and more to prevent IPS or link spam.
CHAT PROTECTION | The chat is not far behind, it has an Anti Flood, Swearing, Caps and Spam system.
ANNOUNCEMENTS | Beautifully designed global ads all over the server. (More coming soon)
ANTI-EXPLOITS | Global anti-exploit system to avoid malicious people.
REDIRECT SYSTEM | This will prevent you from kicking players out when there is an unexpected server shutdown, it will send them to the "Lobby" server without kicking them out.
SKINS | You can change your skin to the one you like the most.
GLOBAL RANKS | You can effectively manage network-wide permissions for players, there are 4 ranks configured.
LIMBO | The setup includes an extra server called "Limbo" linked to BungeeCord, in which you can send the players.
MAINTENANCE | You can activate a global or individual maintenance mode per server. This maintenance mode integrates the following:​
  • Custom MOTD.​
  • Custom player counter.​
  • Hover message about player counter.​
  • You can enable "Limbo" as a waiting server for maintenance, or you can disable it and send a message on the screen.​
✧ [NEW] CHAT MANAGEMENT | This feature includes the following:​
  • Clear chat system GLOBALLY, PERSONALLY, and for OTHER PLAYERS.​
  • You can close and open the chat globally so that no one can write. (Staffs and admin have bypass)​
VERSION | Version support from 1.8 to 1.16.4, without limits!


Spoiler: Showcase
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase​
Spoiler: Showcase


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    • If a chargeback/dispute is opened, your purchased products will be unlicensed. In addition, you will be blacklisted and you will not be able to buy another product again.​
    • You may not resell, distribute, or claim any files as your own.​
    • Upon any sort of modification to the product we cannot guarantee it's integrity and you void any agreement made for fixes, however, we will try and help fix any bugs and issues even after modifications.​
    • Neither Eteon Studios nor myself (VANZY) will be held responsible if you accidentally delete or lose files from the purchased product. It also applies if you lose access to your MC-Market account. We are not responsible for a refund or replacement.​
    • These Terms of Service may change at any time without notification.​
    • By ordering a product fromEteon Studios you are agreeing to the terms above. If you have any issues with our Terms Of Service, contact us through our Discord server.​
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