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Holiday Sale -30% |♦ Gems Economy ♦ | Gem Shop, Sign and Gui Shop, Rewards, API and more...

Ghost Holiday Sale -30% |♦ Gems Economy ♦ | Gem Shop, Sign and Gui Shop, Rewards, API and more... 1.4.7

No permission to download

Spoiler: PARA BRASILEIROS (clique aqui)

This plugin uses the concept of Gems. Widely used as a cash purchase system on your website for players to buy VIP packages, items, spawners and anything else you can imagine as it is super configurable and easy to use. It also has a system of selling plates, super configurable gui menu, rewards for mining, fishing, killing monsters or players.

  • PlaceholderAPI - Optional for pulling placeholders
  • ProtocolLib - Optional for some functions
  • This plugin requires Java 8 or higher to work.

Placeholders with PlaceholderAPI:
  • %ugems_has_account% - Return true/false
  • %ugems_amount% - Return amount of gems of player
Spoiler: signs


  • Can be used as an economical base.
  • Withdraw gems from the bank as item.
  • Save gems in the bank with the command or by clicking on the item.
  • Multi Language System.
  • Gem payment system for other players.
  • Baltop showing who has bigger gems.
  • Store GUI integrated and totally configurable, with support for sounds and personalized heads (/gems shop).
  • Sign shop with option to buy and sell items with gems.
  • Sign Store Editor, where by clicking on the board you can edit without having to break the board.
  • Support for edited items using hashmaps (#) in the frame (/ugems iteminfo)
  • Support to save data in MYSQL, SQLITE or YML.
  • Create Aliases from commands and subcommands.
  • System drop items while mining, fishing, cutting trees, killing mobs, killing players with percentages and fully configurable drops.
  • Placeholders to pull values.
  • Tab-Complete for commands.
  • Easy-to-use API for developers
  • More to come ...

Spoiler: GIFS


Player Commands:
/gems help - Show help menu.
/gems shop - Open the Gems shop.
/gems balance <player> - View the Gems of Players.
/gems transfer <player> <amount> - To transfer gems to another player.
/gems withdraw <amount> - Remove Gems as Item.
/gems deposit <hand/inv> - Send Items from inventory to account.
/gems top - See the Gems top.
Staff Commands:
/ugems reload - Reload the settings
/ugems add <player> <amount> - Add gems to the player.
/ugems additem <player> <amount> - Add Item gems to the player.
/ugems remove <player> <amount> - Remove gems from the player.
/ugems set <player> <amount> - Set gems of a player.
ugems giveall <amount> - Add selected amount to all online players.
/ugems iteminfo [-advanced/-adv] - Get info of edited item to use in sign shop.
/ugems cleariteminfos - Clear all data of item infos of current DB (inreversible).

UGems.* - All permissions.
UGems.admin - To use all command in /ugems
UGems.signshop.break - Permission to break sign shop.
UGems.signshop.place - Permission to create Sign Shop.
UGems.signshop.edit - Permission to edit sign with left-click.


Standard configuration files:

Standard language files:

Easy API for Developers:

To call the API just call the instance
Code (Text):


By purchasing, downloading or using this plugin, you agree that you are purchasing a license to use the plugin. The license may be revoked at the copyright holder’s discretion. You may use the plugin on any servers you own. The copyright holder reserves the right to change, update, or modify these terms and conditions at anytime. Use of the plugin after the terms and conditions are modified, changed or updated means that you abide by them. You may not redistribute the plugin. Doing so will result in your license revoked and copies distributed disabled. You are also breaking international copyright treaties. You agree that no refunds are available and by opening up a dispute or charge back; your access to the plugin will be revoked and the money may be kept.
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