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currently recoding the plugin, that means that we are going to be off the normal updates schedule for a while

What is GodsEye
GodsEye is an Advanced Modern Cheat Detection System.
GodsEye's main goal is to detect cheaters without taking too much of your server resources while not interrupting your player's experience on the server

Version Compatibility
1.8 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16

note that some checks may get automatically disabled in certain versions, these checks will be pointed out in the rest of the page

you can report us issues or request features on
GodsEye's official issue tracker
You can also contact us on discord or in a spigot private message for more questions
Do not report bugs or ask for features in the review section

Test GodsEye Yourself

At the Official Test Server

What can GodsEye do?
Spoiler: Blocked Hacks
GodsEye's Hack Detection
GodsEye makes sure to keep its checks/detection systems up to date and working against the most modern advanced hack clients but also keeps the server's performance in a good state while also making sure to not false ban laggy players meaning GodsEye's checks account to connection and server sided lag in its calculations, GodsEye takes your legit players experience to the first priority, also since GodsEye was developed not only around the spigot community GodsEye takes the level of the AntiCheats on spigot to a whole new standard.

here in GodsEye's development, we like to give YOU the option to choose, GodsEye's configuration file is very big and full with different settings and options but in the same time it's user-friendly and easy to use

GodsEye needs ProtocolLib to run
ProtocolLib for 1.8.X -> 1.15.X
ProtocolLib for 1.16.X
GodsEye works only for supported versions of SpigotMC (written above)

GodsEye is not supporting any plugin that modifies players movement or combat mechanics, any other plugins are supported but if you are not sure if the plugin you use is compatible, feel free to contact me before buying. also if you have a plugin that you want us to make special support for you can ask me in a pm and if I will see that it's worth and possible to support it we will add special support for it
Current special support plugins:
- EggwarsX
- SkywarsX
- ViaVersion
- PlaceHolderAPI

- Download the plugin
- Drag and drop the plugin into your plugin directory
- make sure your server version is supported and install protocolLib
- Restart the server
- Enjoy!

How to test!

Before starting to start testing GodsEye on your server, make sure to DEOP yourself and then REJOIN the server so GodsEye updates your player profile after that run the following commands
/ge verbose - to enable you to see each small suspicion godseye have
/ge ischecked <yourname> - to make sure that GodsEye is actually checking you
only after you did all of these steps you can feel free to test

Check out our wiki that contains a more detailed explanation about GodsEye's features and potential so you can really know how powerful GodsEye can be before and after buying it

Smart Notification System
- The verbose system allows you to see information about every violation given in real-time, but if you prefer to still get information but without getting spammed in the chat, you can use GodsEye's second alerts system which sends reports every time a player reaches a configurable amount of violations.
LightWeight - Coded to be optimized and makes sure to obfuscate with minimal performance impact as possible while still protecting the code from hack client developers, so if you are not running your server on a potato setup you should be fine.
Fully Automated - GodsEye is completely automated and can detect and punish hackers by itself, just make sure to configure it correctly to work good in your server and you're ready to go!
Inventory GUI's - GodsEye handles all the data for you in GUI's to make your life easier, all of the features are in a GUI, such as the hackerfinder, checks controls, ac settings, banwave list, punishment logs and more...
Punishment System - GodsEye lets you run every command you want when the player should be kicked/banned which means GodsEye works with every third-party punishment system but it's not dependent on them
Highly Configurable - All the features can be found on the config file and can be changed/turned ON and OFF includes all the checks, messages timers and more
Ban Waves - punish a large number of players at the same time, good for big servers and preventing bypasses
Advanced HackerFinder System - GodsEye collects information for you about players who are highly suspected for hacking and show's it in a GUI, so if you weren't there when the player hacked you can still know about every suspected action he did, godseye shows this data in a profile GUI for every player which can be entered by the hackerfinder GUI or with a command
BanLogs System - GodsEye creates a banlog for every player it bans so you know about GodsEye's actions in all times and sees some information about the banning such as the ping of the player before getting banned how high the TPS on the server was and more, and its all showed in a nice GUI (can be found on the player's profile GUI)
Stable checks - GodsEye makes sure to keep the checks stable and not make an over-aggressive check that will do more damage than benefits that prevent things like lagback/tp back from happening, but if a check is found to be useful but pretty aggressive you will always have the option to make it less aggressive or disable it on the config file
Ban effects - GodsEye has three cool ban effects that you can enable or disable, But Use Them! they are awesome,
but remember that you can always make your own ban effects with the developer API, more information about the developer API can be found below.
Unique detections - Although GodsEye uses detection methods that are known to be successful, GodsEye tires to come up with unique detection techniques and ideas that way once we come up with a new detection it won't be bypassed easily with hack modules like Fly - (Hypixel mode)
Developer API - Our developer API lets users who are developers to inject to godseye systems and lets them have godseye as their advanced detection library for their servers, the API is full of useful features which give tons of flexibility and potential
HealthSpoofer - The health spoofer lets you prevent any clients that have damage indicators with a full unbypassable system, it will present a random amount of health to full the hacker while the true health of the player will not be changed

Wait I found a bypass / false positive what do I do now
if you found one of these two problems you should report it to the issue tracker and contain as much information in your report as possible, also if you have any other question about GodsEye you can join the Discord server, our team will be more than happy to help you with everything you need.

Spoiler: Gifs GUI
Ban Effects
Spoiler: BanEffects

Commands & Permissions

Spoiler: Commands & Permissions
Configuration File

Developer API
Spoiler: GodsEyeAPI
API Example
Code (Text):

public void onEnable() {
this.api = new GodsEyeAPI();
Bukkit.getPluginManager().registerEvents(this, this);

public void onViolations(GodsEyePlayerViolationEvent e) {
Player player = e.getPlayer();
CheckType checkType = e.getCheckType();
if (checkType.equals(CheckType.SPEED)) {
if (e.getViolationCount() >= 25) {
System.out.println("Player has reached 25 in speed check");

public void onPunish(GodsEyePunishPlayerEvent e) {
Player player = e.getPlayer();
System.out.println(player.getName() + " has been " + e.getPunishType() + " for " + e.getCheckType());

public void onReport(GodsEyeReportEvent e) {
Player player = e.getPlayer();
CheckType type = e.getCheckType();
int violationsCount = e.getViolationCount();
System.out.println(player.getName() + " has been reported for " + type + ", ServerTPS: " + api.getServerTPS());

public void onPreVL(GodsEyePrePlayerViolationEvent e) {
if (e.getCheckType() == CheckType.CRITICALS) {
Bukkit.broadcastMessage("cancelled criticals VL");

Plugin Agreement (TOS)
By purchasing this plugin you agree to the following.
- You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin in any form, including in a software package
- You are not allowed to decompile/deobfuscate this plugin
- You are not allowed to send this plugin to anyone (except if the person is a staff member on your server, but even then he should only use the plugin to develop your server)
- You are not allowed to modify this plugin in any form
- You will not report issues or ask for features in the review section, any reports that will be made there will be completely ignored
- You may run GodsEye on up to 2 physical server machines, if you need to run it on more contact Nort721 or TopRaider to extend your license (more info about license extensions can be found in the discord server)
- You will not receive any refunds after purchasing without mine or SpigotMC's approval
- You will not file a chargeback dispute, or perform any similar action. Doing so will result in your license revoked along with further action from SpigotMC

This TOS may change at any time, by purchasing this plugin you agree to the most recent one
First release
Last update
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