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Gangs+ [1.7-1.17]

Direct Gangs+ [1.7-1.17] 2.19.1

No permission to download
Tested Minecraft Versions:
CrunchyBear (Feature ideas)

Gangs+ is an advanced high-quality gang system perfect for prison, GTA and even PVP servers with lots of customization options. This plugin requires UUID support (Spigot 1.7.10 or newer).

Support is given ONLY at our Discord!



Create/disband gangs, invite/uninvite/kick players
Promote/demote players (there are 5 customizable ranks with different permissions in each gang)
Highly configurable permissions for each command
Gang and player statistics with kills, deaths, KDR, fights won, fights lost, WLR (won/lost rate)
Togglable friendly fire (for both administator and each gang's leader)
Gang chat channel with togglable social spy for administrators
Gang bank account
Alliances with PVP support and ally chat
Multiple homes (home, listhomes, delhome, sethome) - can be disabled in config
Chat-based leaderboard (top 10 with highest KDR and WLR)
Homes, gang chat and fights modules can be easily disabled in config
Customizable chat prefixes, max members amount, max homes amount (different for each gang level)
Fights - configure multiple fight arenas, challenge other gangs, bet and win/lose money
Prevent players from using certain commands during gang fight
Chat formatting plugins support - {GANG} will be replaced with player's gang name. There are also available placeholders in the DeluxeChat plugin.
Reward players for upgrading the gang to higher level
Notifications can be broadcasted using 1.8 titles
100% customizable messages
MySQL/SQLite support
CombatTag/CombatTag Reloaded/CombatLog/CombatTagPlus support
Supports all languages (including Chinese)
API with custom events
SQLite support ✓
Alliances ✓
Fights improvements ✓
More admin commands ✓
Rewards for upgrading the gang to higher level ✓
Player and gang profiles GUI
Auto-purge inactive players and gangs
More admin commands
More fights features
More events & API methods
Gang command aliases: /gang /g
Ally chat command aliases: /allychat /achat /ac
Gang chat command aliases: /gangchat /gchat /gc
Fight command aliases: /fight
Admin command aliases: /gangadmin /gadmin /ga
/g help - list of all gang-related commands (gangsplus.gang.help)
/g list - list of all gangs (gangsplus.gang.list)
/g top - gangs leaderboard (gangsplus.gang.top)
/g info <gang> - specified gang's statistics (gangsplus.gang.info)
/g create <name> - create a new gang (gangsplus.gang.create)
/g disband - disband your gang (gangsplus.gang.disband)
/g invite <player> - invite specified player to your gang (gangsplus.gang.invite)
/g join|accept <gang> - join specified gang (gangsplus.gang.join)
/g uninvite <player> - cancel player's invitation (gangsplus.gang.uninvite)
/g kick <player> - kick player out of your gang (gangsplus.gang.kick)
/g leave - leave your gang (gangsplus.gang.leave)
/g friendlyfire - toggle friendly fire in gang (gangsplus.gang.friendlyfire)
/g levelup - level up to higher gang level (gangsplus.gang.levelup)
/g promote <player> - promote specified player to higher rank (gangsplus.gang.promote)
/g demote <player> - demote specified player to lower rank (gangsplus.gang.demote)
/g leader <player> - give the gang leadership to specified player (gangsplus.gang.leader)
/g deposit <amount> - deposit money on your gang's bank account (gangsplus.gang.deposit)
/g withdraw <amount> - withdraw money from your gang's bank account (gangsplus.gang.withdraw)
/g listhomes - list of all gang homes (gangsplus.gang.listhomes)
/g home <home> - teleport to specified gang home (gangsplus.gang.home)
/g sethome <home> - set specified gang home's location (gangsplus.gang.sethome)
/g delhome <home> - delete specified gang home (gangsplus.gang.delhome)
/g player|playerinfo <player> - specified player's statistics (gangsplus.gang.playerinfo)
/g regroup <home name> - request all players to regroup at specified home (gangsplus.gang.regroup)
/g confirm - confirms previous action, eg. gang disband (gangsplus.gang.confirm)
/g ally <gang> - send alliance request to specified gang (gangsplus.gang.ally)
/g neutral <gang> - set relation with an ally to neutral (gangsplus.gang.neutral)
/gc on|off - toggle gang chat on/off (gangsplus.gangchat)
/gc <message> - send a single message on gang chat (gangsplus.gangchat)
/ac on|off - toggle ally chat on/off (gangsplus.allychat)
/ac<message> - send a single message on ally chat (gangsplus.allychat)
/fight challenge <players amount> <money> <gang> - challenge specified gang for a fight (gangsplus.fight.challenge)
/fight accept <gang> - accept fight challenge from specified gang (gangsplus.fight.accept)
/fight decline <gang> - decline fight challenge from specified gang (gangsplus.fight.decline)
/fight join - join the fight your gang takes part in (gangsplus.fight.join)
/fight leave - leave the fight your gang takes part in (gangsplus.fight.leave)
/ga arena list - list all fight arenas (gangsplus.gangadmin.arena)
/ga arena create <arena id> - create a new fight arena (gangsplus.gangadmin.arena)
/ga arena delete <arena id> - delete specified arena (gangsplus.gangadmin.arena)
/ga arena setlocation <arena id> <location> - set specified location for specified arena (gangsplus.gangadmin.arena)
/ga arena setname <arena id> <name> - change the name of specified arena (gangsplus.gangadmin.arena)
/ga arena save <arena id> - save changes made to an arena to the database (gangsplus.gangadmin.arena)
/ga bank balance <gang> - check specified gang's bank account balance (gangsplus.gangadmin.bank)
/ga bank give <amount> <gang> - add specified amount to gang's bank account (gangsplus.gangadmin.bank)
/ga bank take <amount> <gang> - remove specified amount from gang's bank account (gangsplus.gangadmin.bank)
/ga bank reset <gang> - reset specified gang's bank account balance (gangsplus.gangadmin.bank)
/ga disband <name> - disband specified gang (gangsplus.gangadmin.disband)
/ga delhome <gang> <home> - delete specified gang's home (gangsplus.gangadmin.delhome)
/ga home <gang> <home> - teleport to specified gang's home (gangsplus.gangadmin.home)
/ga listhomes <gang> - list of all gang's homes (gangsplus.gangadmin.listhomes)
/ga reset <kills|deaths|assists> <player> - reset player's statistics (gangsplus.gangadmin.reset)
/ga reload - reload Gangs+ settings/messages (gangsplus.gangadmin.reload)
/ga socialspy [player] - turn on gang chat social spy for specified player (or yourself if no name is given) (gangsplus.gangadmin.socialspy)
All command permissions have been listed above, however there are a few additional permissions:
gangsplus.gangadmin - required for all admin commands
gangsplus.fightcommands - required to use banned commands during gang fight (useful for moderators/admins etc)
gangsplus.checkbalance - required to see other gang's bank account balance (when showGangBalanceToOthers set to false)
You can simply use gangsplus.gang.*, gangsplus.fight.* and gangsplus.gangchat to give access to all non-admin commands.

Additionally players have access to different features based on their in-gang rank. All of them are configurable since 2.0.0 version (see "ranks -> requiredRanks" section in config.yml), this table just an example.


See placeholders...

Spigot 1.7.10 or newer
Vault 1.4.1 or newer
(optional) MySQL database
Purchase (thanks!) and download the plugin
Stop your server, put the .jar file in your server's /plugins/ directory
Start the server, plugin will generate all necessary config files
(optional) Fill in MySQL connection settings in config.yml
Restart the server
All configuration files are easy to edit. If any of them lacks a feature you wish to be added, please contact us.

Configuration examples:

Fight arenas configuration:
Configuration tutorial (French version by Pitch):

This plugin comes with a simple API:
There are also several events:

Full EULA is available here.
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