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EpicCraftingsPlus | Fully Configurable CRAFTS!

Nulled EpicCraftingsPlus | Fully Configurable CRAFTS! 6.3.11

No permission to download
Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14

What can I do with EpicCraftings?
This plugin allows you to create custom crafts in a very unique way. Using the /ecraft command (or a configurable crafting place) you can create Epic items with custom names, lore, enchantments, but only if you have the required items (All of this is configurable). You can create all the crafts you want and its a maximum of 15 required items per craft.

Example: You can craft an item named: Epic Sword | But you need: x15 Diamonds, x15 Gold Ingots and whatever items you want.

Why Premium?
Because there is already a free version of this plugin called EpicCraftings, but this one have extra features mentioned below.


✓ = EpicCraftings | ✓ = EpicCraftingsPlus

- ✓ Add your own crafts
- Required items with custom names, lore and enchantments!
- ✓ Crafts with custom names / colors / lore / enchantments
- ✓ Crafts with a maximum of 15 required items!
- ✓ Crafts with custom permissions!
- Unbreakable Crafts
- ✓ Hide-flags for crafts
Hide-flags for required items
- ✓ Crafting Places
- ✓ Categorized Crafting Places

- Cooldown for Crafts (Wait time)
- Craft Commands
- ✓ Random Crafts Option
- Execute command when right click on the item
- /ecraft create (With GUI) for creating crafts in a very easy way (Without touching the config)

- ✓ /ecraft edit for editing the required items of a craft
- Extra Requirements: Player levels, JobsReborn levels, Money, BattleLevels, SkillAPI Class, TokenEnchant Tokens, PlaceholderAPI Variables, Crafted items
- ✓ Categories
- Probability of Success System
- NBT Tags Compatibility
- Potions Compatibility
- SpawnerEggs Compatibility (1.8,1.11,1.12,1.13,1.14)
- Colored Leather Armor Compatibility
- Heads with Texture Compatibility
- Banners Compatibility
- Shields Designs Compatibility
- Enchantment Books Compatibility
- Fireworks Compatibility

- Attribute Modifiers Compatibility
- Hide Craftings with Permissions
- Convert all Crafting Tables to open EpicCraftings Menu
- Open EpicCrafting menu with command
- ✓ Avoid crafting using money
- Crafts with random enchantment levels
- Crafts with random lore stats
One Time craftings
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