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EliteMasks - Create Your Own Masks & Effects | 18+ Cosmic Masks [1.8 - 1.17]

Nulled EliteMasks - Create Your Own Masks & Effects | 18+ Cosmic Masks [1.8 - 1.17] 1.4.5

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Credit - TNL


EliteMasks is a unique masks plugin in which it allows you to create your own masks.
It is not like your average mask plugin, you apply the mask to your helmet and wear it. You will just see a normal helmet but everyone on the server will see the mask instead of a helmet.


Here is a preview of the masks mechanics
The player has worn what seems to be a normal diamond helmet but instead of showing a helmet, we see a mask.

Spoiler: Preview




Q: How do I find the skin id for the masks?
A: Head over to
Select a skin you find interesting
Fetch the 'Minecraft-URL' id
Spoiler: Screenshot

Q: Where is a list of effects?
A: In-game execute /elitemasks effects


If you have any issues with the plugin then please feel free to join my support discord. Please do not use the review section for error or issues.

If you have some questions or concerns then feel free to also pm me on discord Splodgebox#3490
Use code splodgebox for 50% OFF
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