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Dungeons [1.12-1.18] - Custom Loot Chests | Custom Bosses | Custom Mobs | Custom Spawners

Ghost Exclusive Dungeons [1.12-1.18] - Custom Loot Chests | Custom Bosses | Custom Mobs | Custom Spawners 4.9.2 | Donated file

No permission to download
The file is provided by: @MoonSuu

Inspired by Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons and Minecraft Dungeons.




1.12 Support

Dungeons now supports 1.12 and up! Features that aren't available in the version:

- Slow Falling Potion Effect (Added in 1.13)
- Dolphins_Grace Potion Effect (Added in 1.13)
- Salvager NPC is bugged. Use /salvage instead!
- Absorption for mobs isn't available
- Random Lootchest Spawning will spawn chest in same direction each time (Working on fix)

Plugin Showcase


1. Purchase and download the resource
2. Install Multiverse onto your server if you haven't already
3. Install PAPI if you'd like to use our scoreboards:
4. Drop both .jar files into your plugins folder, stop your server if it is running, and start it back up
5. Use the wiki and tutorial videos provided to get started

All updates for the resource use Smart-Updating that checks which version you updated from and adds all features you currently don't have in your existing missions and dungeons. Simply drop the new jar file into your plugins folder, delete the old Dungeons.jar, and reload your server.

1. Run the commands [/dungeons cancel] and [/dungeons disable] before stopping or reloading your server if missions are ongoing. Use [/dungeons enable] to reenable missions. This can be done through automated console commands by another resource if you have auto-reloads enabled.
2. Change messages and names through the messages.yml file in your Dungeons folder created.