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BSMC Resource DeadSociety 10.1

No permission to download
Maintainer Note: This resource is now going to be maintained by cindy_k as of 02/07/2020. Any author comments from before 02/08/2020 are from Nosmakos not cindy_k. (The site doesn't support two authors, so when it was changed, the names changed on the replies)
1.16.1 Beta Release is Available for Download.

What will happen if society collapses? What would you do if there's no one to help you or your family? Disaster preparedness is more than worries, it's also about being practical, preparing for scenarios and being ready for the unpredictable. The world is on the doorstep of a zombie apocalypse. The only way to survive is to find a group of people who are ready to respond to the most difficult moments of survival. A virus who will not stop and will continue to create terror in the lives of people. You have to gather sufficient supplies, obtain and stockpile basic survival(the most important) items, store supplies for just getting by, prepare an emergency kit, become a good shot and always come up with an escape plan.

Please note that reload command is not supported and may cause issues when using mine or other plugins. If you encounter any issues please use the /stop command to restart your server.

(!) 1.13 - 1.14+ Does not fully support any dependencies.


> Java 8 required. Same for Hosting Providers.


[1] Vault
API and an Economy Plugin

> This is a soft-depend and its required only for Economy features such as Killing Rewards or any other feature that supports Vault (Perks -> DOUBLE_REWARD).

[2] PlaceholderAPI

> This is soft-depend and it's required for getting various placeholders for the player, that triggers the action and also returns information about the specified plugin.


> Most of the features are customizable and always latest version <

Zombie Features
Player Features
  • Players have a thirst system. Thirst will ignore players who are operators or in creative mode.
  • Players have a top place collections system that is displayed with the most walker kills in-game.
  • Players can purchase or receive random perks when killing zombies or players.
  • Players can cause barrel explosions when shooting a TNT 3 times.
  • Players get permanent nausea when hungry to death.
  • Players have their own personal backpack contents by performing a command.
  • Players can climb a fence by right-clicking. You have to be on the same block of a fence to do that.
  • Players can find and open stash supplies on random locations.
  • Players have their own personal medkit backpack for placing meds by performing a command.
  • Players have custom death messages when it's caused by this plugin(disease, thirst, etc.). The default messages can also be removed.
  • Players can open iron doors when right-clicking with a keycard(custom item).
  • Players can auto-respawn on their death.
  • Players can set their own camp location and track it by using a compass.
  • Players can chat in a specific distance. They can always change their mode if they want to chat to everyone by a command.
  • Players have their own statistics for killing players, zombies or dying. They are also able to see their own or other player statistics by performing a command.
  • Players can track camp locations while holding and right-clicking a compass.
  • Players can be teleported randomly based on the spawn point locations.
  • Players will receive currency rewards when killing another player or a zombie.
  • Players are able to use custom items for their survival, such as antibiotics painkillers.
  • Players are able to use rechargeable items such as a flashlight and can be recharged with batteries.
  • Players get an amputation bleeding system after an infected leg amputation that lasts 40 seconds and can only be healed by using a bandage.
  • Players can wear guts to avoid being the target from the walkers.
  • Players can get a water infection if they drink an infected water bottle. The player will die from infection on consumption. Also, an infected water bottle can be created when filling an empty water bottle from an infected water source.
  • Players are able to fill their bottles infinite times from cauldrons.
  • Players are able to filter infected water bottles into a cauldron.
  • Players or mobs can be killed by an explosion as they stand or located on a sensor. To create a sensor, you need only 2 Tripwire Hook and String.
General Features
  • A web can deal damage when a player stands on it (Barbed Wire). It will ignore walkers.
  • All the custom items with display names will have a hologram when get dropped.
  • High falls cause players to be slowed down for a few seconds.
  • Entities can't drop experience points on their death.
  • Certain entities/mobs can be enabled and spawned on the selected worlds.
  • Horses can be spawned with a saddle, the saddle cannot be taken or dropped on horses death. There is also a spawn rate for the current animal and can be customized on config.
  • Certain crafting materials/blocks can be blocked from opening, breaking or placing.
Client Side / Other Features
  • Development API
  • Auto Configuration System Update.
  • Custom Zombies Registration System.
  • Version Update System
First release
Last update
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