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ArenaPvP+ [Infinite Kits, Meetup Events, OpenPartys, Elo, Ranks, Best of 1-3-5]

Nulled ArenaPvP+ [Infinite Kits, Meetup Events, OpenPartys, Elo, Ranks, Best of 1-3-5] 1.2.0

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*First, sorry for my english, I speak spanish., google helps me.*

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: ¿You want the source code for $25 USD?
1.- Send $25 USD to my paypal:
2.- The info of the pay put your email and the plugin that you want.
3.- I will sent you the sourcecode on your email.


New Custom Kits!:

THIS ARENAPVP IS RECODED 100%! Now have new functions that others ArenaPvP dont have!

Train pvp in many different styles, BuildUHC, McSg, Pots, Soup, Combo, etc. You can create infinite kits.
Exist the "elo" that represents your level and you can create Ranks with respective elo (Configurable in ranks.yml).

Plugin oficial of RoyanCraft Network.

This plugin is perfect for the donations of your server (Vips, etc).
All buyers want this ArenaPvP Like Badlion. The best plugin of Practice EVER!


Spoiler: ScreenShots

Spoiler: API


- ScoreBoards animated!
- Clicks per second showed in the scoreboard!
- Best of 1, 3 or 5 duels!
- Statistics of the game!
- GUIs animated!
- Middle click to preview kit!
- Infinite KITS!
- Create kits!
- Create map easy!
- Daily autorestart rankeds and unrankeds!
- Giftrankeds command!
- Reduced 80% Mysql requests.
- Can edit 5 differents hotbar of a kit!
- PreStarting count!
- Game time!
- Stats GUI!
- Open partys!
- New API from Devs!
- Meetup events!
- People with permission can create meetup events!
- Infinite Events!
- Description of a kit editable and showed in the GUIS!
- Ranks! (Gold, Silver, Masters, etc) 100% Customizable!
- New system of Map regeneration! 80% OPTIMIZED. ArenaPvP save the blocks placed and only regen it!
- Custom Rankeds/Unrankeds with a permission: apvp.rankeds.<number>, apvp.unrankeds.<permission>
- Map creation EASY, you dont need touch configs.
- Kit creation EASY, you dont need touch configs.
- Players playing showed in the GUIS! Amount o a item!
- Elo and RANK showed in the Scoreboards!, use <elo:kit>, <rank:kit>, for example: <elo:BuildUHC> <rank:BuildUHC>

Removed in the RECODED:
- TopElo (Temporal disabled. I will support TopElo from MySQL very optimized).

- Sounds!
- ScoreBoards!
- PlaceHolderAPI Support!
- All kits are 100% Editables! (Armors, items, names, durability, etc.)
- Infinite Kits!
- Infinite Arenas!
- Auto regen arenas optimized and fast!
- AntiRain protection!
- AntiHeal in no-natural regeneration kits (UHC)!
- Show heal in "shot em"!
- Golden Heads compatible!
- Custom configure HotBar per Player!
- Can edit 5 slots of hotbar's kit!
- See last inventory for the rival!
- Spectator mode!
- Meetup Events!
- API compatible!
- Partys!
- Rankeds!
- Unrankeds!
- Elo support!
- Rank support!
- Auto arrow remove.
- 100% customizable hotbar and GUIS!
- Auto protect in game! (AntiCraft, AntiDestroy, AntiBuild unknown blocks, etc.)
- MySQL support.
- FlatFile support.
- Support for MultiWorld!
- 100% customizable!
- Interactive chat! (Duel accept, party accept).
- Easy commands!
- Very modern!



Spoiler: Commands


Spoiler: config.yml example
Spoiler: lang.yml example

Spoiler: ranks.yml example

Spoiler: scoreboards.yml example


Tested in:
Spigot 1.7.X
Spigot 1.8.X
Spigot 1.9.2
Spigot 1.10.2
Spigot 1.11.X
Spigot 1.12

Use /apvp createkit.
2.- Write the name of the kit WITHOUT COLORS
3.- Write the name of the kit with colors.
4.- Put custom hotbar and armor. write "ready"
Put the items that you want. When the game is finished, this blocks will be regenerated. For example: BuildUHC (CobbleStone, Stone, Wood, Obsidian, Water, Lava). If you want regenerate lava put a lava bucket. If you want regenerate water put water bucket. If you want regenerate fire put Flint and steel. If the kit dont have items regenerables, dont put items and write "ready".
6.- GUI Interactive. Choose the configuration of the kit: Effects, Combo mode, match time, natural regeneration, etc.
7.- Put a item that you want in your hotbar. This item will be represented this kit. When you click on your hotbar a new GUI will be opened. Put the item in the new GUI and you can edit all kits position on the Ranked/UnRanked/Duel/etc... Inventorys
8.- READY!

Use /apvp createmap and choose a kit.
2.- If the arena will be regenerated, put the wool in the corner1 of the map.
2.1 - If the arena will be regenerated, put the wool in the corner2 of the map.
3.- Stay in the spawn of player 1.
4.- Stay in the spawn of player 2.
5.- Write the name of the map.
6.- READY!.

Use /apvp createmapmeetup and choose a kit.
2.- Put the wool in the corner1 of the map.
2.1 - Put the wool in the corner2 of the map.
3.- Puts the wool blocks that you want. This are the posible spawns. Write "ready"
Write the name of the map.
6.- READY!.

If you have X maps registered of BuildUHC, and you want share this maps to kit IronBuild, ejecute: /apvp sharemap BuildUHC IronBuild

Stop the server.
2.- Open the file of the kit, for example: plugins/ArenaPvP/kits/BuildUHC
3.- Edit the description!
Kit BuildUHC file description example:

Spoiler: View BuildUHC.yml

4.- Start the server!

Convert old maps to new ArenaPvP maps format:
Download this plugin!:

17 Kits:

  • Archer
  • BuildUHC
  • ComboBuild
  • ComboFly
  • Diamond
  • FinalUHC
  • GApple
  • Iron
  • IronBuild
  • McSg
  • Pots
  • PotsDebuff
  • SkyWars
  • Soup
  • Sumo
  • UHC
  • Vanilla
1.- Download this:

2.- Stop the server.
3.- Copy the files in your plugins/ArenaPvP folder!
4.- Start the server!
5.- Don't forget create maps


Top ELO.
Rankeds/Unrankeds 2v2 and 3v3.

Or on youtube search "RoyanCraft".

Popular Youtubers:

Tutorial: Lord Of Keçi (Turkish)



And others 50 servers!

I will only support accounts that bought this plugin.
For safety and justice to the people who bought it.

If you want the Source Code, send me a private message (No free).

- Don’t redistribute this plugin.
- There are no refunds.
- Don’t post bad reviews, first ask me!.
- Don't use a code of this plugins.
- Can't use this code for you own plugin.

Thanks for your attention.
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