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An advanced plugin to manage the reports in your server. Staffers are warned for every new report and when they join.
With this plugin you have a custom GUI, you can have sections and subsections and staffers can, with simple commands, manage and resolve reports (only this plugin can do this).

Spoiler: Special Discord free bot for SpigotMC users only!

Now with web GUI.

Graphics by @UnLoriSelvatico
Spoiler: License

Spoiler: License

Before buying the plugin: Read this file and the whole page. No refund will be made.

Discord server for support:

Different Spigot version support

download the latest version.

1.15: use this.

1.14: use this.

Legacy versions
I will provide limited support to legacy versions (versions not included in the last two updates, listed below) since for pratical and security reasons you should always update your Minecraft server to latest versions.
For these reasons, I cannot keep updating the plugin for (currently) 1.13 and below, but you can still use them properly using the download links below.
1.13: use this.

1.8-1.12: use this.

You can download it here:
You can follow this guide:

Please note: the web GUI has been created by @MrAnonymousz. Every credit goes to him. You can contact him on his website. He will update and provide support at his own discretion.
I (Nexgan) will provide support as much as I can but I'm not the developer.

Some servers using AdvancedReporter:
Spoiler: Servers using this plugin
Click here to go to the Wiki.

Want to pay with PaySafeCard? Contact me privately!

✔ Web GUI by @MrAnonymusz:

Spoiler: New web GUI
✔ Connect more servers with MySQL or use the simple FlatFiles, for all server types.
✔ Customize the whole plugin, messages, GUIs, preferences, section and subsections and options.
✔ You can see every report in a GUI, or use you can see only opened reports in another GUI. (if they are 54 or less)
✔ Manage your report easily by using the ManagerGUI (/managergui), for an easier life!
✔ List of reported players from the more reported to the less reported.
✔ Warning levels! When a player reaches a certain number of reports (customizable), staffers will be advised of his status and it will be the priority! MAKE YOUR OWN Warning Levels in the config.
Spoiler: WarningLevels Screenshots
✔ Make sections and subsections for your plugin, for example (section: offensive language | section: cheats, subsections: killaura, fly, others), they will be displayed in a GUI where players can select what they need, with custom items and titles/lores.
✔ The GUI's rows are automatically arranged by the plugin, depending on how many sections and subsections are there.
✔ Staffers can select a report, they will "have" this report, and they have to resolve it. (/managereport <id> and /resolvereport <id> <reason>.
✔ The reporters are warned of the status of his report.
✔ Custom amount of unresolved reports per player.
✔ Staffers have simple commands to manage the reports (for example they can teleport to the player, kill him, see his inventory), they can also do this in a simple GUI.
✔ Staffers are warned when there are new reports.
✔ Staffers have to manage the report and resolve it; they will also be able to delete it.


Spoiler: New web GUI
Spoiler: Screenshots


(All this command can be performed also by an op player)

See the wiki for more detailed documentation.

» /report <player> <reason> This will open a GUI, where the player can
select the section and the subsection (if it exists)
No permissions

» /reportslist See the reports list
Permission: advancedreporter.admin or advancedreporter.reportslist

» /openedreports See the opened reports list (with a GUI)
Permission: advancedreporter.admin or advancedreporter.openedreports

» /managergui Open a GUI to manage your report easily!
Permission: advancedreporter.admin or advancedreporter.managereport

» /myreports See your reports list
No permissions

» /managereport <id> Manage a report
Permission: advancedreporter.managereport or advancedreporter.admin

» /mymanagereport See the report that you are managing
Permission: advancedreporter.mymanagereport or advancedreporter.admin

» /reportlocation <id> Go to the reported location
Permission: advancedreporter.reportlocation or advancedreporter.admin

» /resolvereport <id> <reason> Resolve a report
Permission: advancedreporter.resolvereport or advancedreporter.admin

» /delreport <id> Delete a report
Permission: advancedreporter.delreport or advancedreporter.admin

» /reportedplayers See all reported players in a GUI! (NEW)
Permission: advancedreporter.reportedplayers or advancedreporter.admin


See the wiki for more detailed documentation.

Code (Text):
#Here you can add up to 54 sections, this is the name
#This is the display name, you can see it in the GUI item
display-name: '&4&oOffensive Language'
#Item's lore
- '&7Report who is insulting'
- '&cClick on the item to report'
#The item in the GUI
item: paper
#If you enable it, in the string "sub-sections:" you can put the
# sub sections, look at sections under
sub-sections-enabled: false
display-name: '&b&lBugs'
item: redstone_comparator
sub-sections-enabled: true
#The list of sub sections
#The name of sub sections
#The item in the sub sections GUI
item: diamond
#The name of the item in the GUI
display-name: '&2&lGive Bug'
display-name: '&e&lMap Bug'
item: map
#This is the title of the sub sections GUI. If you use %section it will be
# replace with section's name.
sub-sections-title: '&2What type of %section ?'
display-name: '&b&lStaffer Report'
item: gold_helmet
sub-sections-enabled: true
item: diamond
display-name: '&2&lGive'
display-name: '&e&lStaffer Offensive Language'
item: paper
sub-sections-title: '&4Staffers cant see reports to him'
display-name: '&1&lCheats'
item: diamond_sword
sub-sections-enabled: true
item: barrier
display-name: '&4&lKillaura'
display-name: '&e&lUnknow'
item: ender_pearl
#SubSection lore
- '&7If you don''t know what hacks'
- '&7is he using'
sub-sections-title: '&2What type of %section ?'

#This is the main GUI's title.
menu-name: '&4&lReporting &1%player'

Code (Text):
#Set to true if MySQL is enabled
#For a complete MySQL setup please visit the wiki
mysqlEnabled: false
host: localhost
database: database
user: user
password: password
port: 3306
#Disable to make optional the reason
need-reason: true
#If players get notifications about their reports
player-report-info: true
#Where the plugin is located in; useful for MySQL
server-name: lobby
#Maximum amount of reports per player
max-reports: 2
#If warning levels are enabled (see reportedplayers.yml)
warning-levels-enabled: true

Code (Text):

#This is the reports list. It will be automatically edited. I suggest you not #to edit it.
#This is the report's ID
#This is the player's name that created the report
from-player: Nexgan
#This is the reported player.
reported-player: Sadaccinooscuro
#This is the reason that the player put after /report <player> <reason>
reason: using cheats
#This is the section that the player selected.
section: cheats
#This is the sub-section that the player selected.
#If in the section there aren't sub-sections it will be set to "undefined"
sub-section: killaura
#This is the report's location
world: world
x: -340.6947566661343
y: 104.59013005836373
z: 395.2038612943021
yaw: -28.927185
pitch: 37.246788
#If the report was managed it is automatically set to "false"
open: false
#If the report is managing by a staffer and he's resolving it, it will be set to
#true, when the report was resolved it will set to false again.
resolving: false
#This is the staffer that is managing/managed the report; if the report is
#open the staffer manager is "none"
staffer-manager: UnLoriSelvatico
#This can be set by the staffer when it resolve the report.
#/resolvereport <ID> <how-resolved>
how-resolved: The cheater was banned
Code (Text):

#Here you can edit all the messages
PREFIX: '&e&lAdvancedReporter >'
NEED_PLAYER_NAME: '&cPlease, insert the player name. If you don''t know it, type "&f/report
unknow <reason>&c".'
NEED_REASON: '&cPlease, insert a reason after the player name.'
UNKNOW_PLAYER_NAME: '&7%player &cdoesn''t exist or isn''t online.'
SUCCESSFULLY_REPORTED: '&aYou successfully reported &7%player&a, your report is now
in the queue.'
NO_PERMISSION: '&cYou don''t have permission to perform this command.'
INSERT_REPORT_ID: '&cPlease, insert the report ID.'
NO_VALID_NUMBER: '&cThis is not a valid ID.'
ERR_REPORT_IS_TO_YOU: '&cYou can''t delete this report because you are the reported player. Please contact another staffer and make it clear to him.'
ERR_REPORT_NOT_FOUND: '&cReport ID not found. Please make sure that you typed the
ID correctly.'
REPORT_DELETED_SUCCESSFULLY: '&aThe report was successfully deleted.'
NO_REPORTS: '&cThere aren''t reports.'
REPORTS_LIST_1: '&aReports List:'
REPORTS_LIST_2: '&e- ID: &7%id &e| From &7%player &eto &7%reportedplayer &e| Reason
&7%reason &e| Section: &7%section &e| SubSection: &7%subsection &e| Open: &7%open
&e| "&f/reportlocation %id&e" to go to report location | Resolving: &7%resolving
&e| Ticket Manager: &7%manager &e| How resolved: &7%howResolved &e|'
OPENED_REPORTS_LIST_1: '&aOpened Reports List:'
OPENED_REPORTS_LIST_2: '&e- ID: &7%id &e| From &7%player &eto &7%reportedplayer &e|
Reason &7%reason &e| Section: &7%section &e| SubSection: &7%subsection &e| Open:
&7%open &e| "&f/reportlocation %id&e" to go to report location |'
ERR_REPORT_NO_OPEN: '&cThis Report isn''t open.'
ERR_ALREADY_HAVE_MANAGE_REPORT: '&cYou already have a report to manage.'
SUCCESSFULLY_SELECTED_MANAGE_REPORT: '&aYou successfully selected a report to manage.'
ALREADY_HAVE_REPORT: '&cYou already have a report, please wait that the staffers resolve
NOT_REPORTS_MANAGER: '&cYou are not the manager of this report.'
REPORT_RESOLVED_SUCCESSFULLY: '&aThe Report was resolved successfully.'
INSERT_HOW_RESOLVED: '&cPlease, insert how you resolved the report.'
REPORT_ALREADY_RESOLVED: '&cThis Report was already resolved.'
NO_UNRESOLVED_MANAGE_REPORTS: '&cYou don''t have no resolved reports to manage.'
ERR_CANT_TP_NO_MANAGER: '&cYou can''t teleport to this Reported Location because the Report isn''t resolved and you aren''t his manager.'
SUCCESSFULLY_TP: '&aYou were successfully teleported to the Report Location.'
STAFFER_JOIN_NOTIFICATION: '&6There are &a&l%n &6opened Reports.'
STAFFERS_ONLINE: '&6There are &a&l%n &6staffers online ready to resolve your Report'
MYREPORTS_TITLE: '&aYour Reports List.'
NO_YOUR_REPORTS: '&cYou don''t have reports.'
STAFFER_IS_MANAGING_YOUR_REPORT: '&a&l%staffer is managing now your report.'
STAFFER_RESOLVED_YOUR_REPORT: '&a&l%staffer resolved your report. Type "&f/myreports&a&l"
for more information.'
NEW_REPORT: '&6&lThere is a new Report.'
ERR_CANT_REPORT_YOURSELF: '&cYou can''t report yourself.'
REPORTS_GUI_ITEM_NAME: '%reporter -> %reported'
#Use '|' for a break
REPORT_DESCRIPTION_LORE: '&e- ID: &7%id |&eFrom &7%player &eto &7%reportedplayer &e|&eReason:
&7%reason &e|&eSection: &7%section &e|&eSubSection: &7%subsection &e|&eOpen: &7%open
&e |&eResolving: &7%resolving &e|&eTicket Manager: &7%manager &e|&eHow resolved: &7%howResolved'
WARNING_LEVEL_INCREASE: §7%player§4§l's warning level increased to %warninglevel
WARNING_LEVEL_DECREASE: §7%player§4§l's warning level decreased to %warninglevel
ERR_LOADING_REPORTS_ON_MYSQL: Error while loading reports on MySQL Database. Are the MySQL credentials right?
YOUR_WARNING_LEVEL_NULLED: '&aYou don''t have any warning levels.'
ERR_MAX_PLAYERS_IN_GUI: '&cYou can open this GUI if reported players are 54 or less.'

Code (Text):
title: '&4Reports Manager'
name: '&eReporter: %player &7[%status&7]'
lore: '&e%player was reported: &c%n &etimes %warninglevel'
name: '&eReported: %player &7[%status&7]'
lore: '&e%player was reported: &c%n &etimes %warninglevel'
item: paper
name: '&eQuick Messages to %player'
item: skull_item
name: '&4Kill %player'
item: barrier
name: '&cKick %player'
item: book_and_quill
name: '&2Resolve Report'
item: tnt
name: '&4Delete Report'
item: ender_pearl
name: '&bReport Location'
item: chest
name: '&eSee Inventory'
unknown-head-name: MHF_Question

Code (Text):
#All warning levels are here. You can create your own or edit/delete these
display-name: '&aLow'
increase-message: '&cYour warning level increased to &alow &4because you received
one report or more.'
decrease-message: '&eYour warning level decreased to &alow&e.'
#How many reports does player need to increase his warning level to this
reports-count: 1
display-name: '&eMedium'
increase-message: '&cWarning! &4Your warning level increased to &emedium &4because
you received more than 4 reports.'
decrease-message: '&eYour warning level decreased to &emedium.'
reports-count: 4
display-name: '&4High'
increase-message: '&c&lWARNING! &4&lYour warning level increased to &4&l&nHIGH
&4&lbecause you received more than 8 reports. You will be among the top players
to be checked by the staff.'
decrease-message: '&cYour warning level decreased to &4HIGH.'
reports-count: 8
display-name: '&4&l&nVery High'
increase-message: '&c&l&nWARNING! &4&l&nYour warning level increased to VERY HIGH
because you received more than 16 reports. You will be the first player to be
checked by the staff.'
decrease-message: none
reports-count: 16
#GUI options
title: '&4Reported Players'
#Item's title, you can (%player = the reported player name)
name: '&e%player'
#Item's description (%warninglevel = current warning level, %reported = how many times he was reported).
- '&eWarning Level: %warninglevel'
- '&eReported times: %reported'

To setup MySQL:

Code (Text):
1. Go to config.yml
2. Set "mysqlEnabled" to true
3. Insert MySql credentials into "mysqlInfo" fields
4. Save the file
5. Reload the server! You have done!
If you have any issue DON'T LEAVE BAD REVIEWS or use review system to contact me. I will help you with everything if you use the proper support system.

Discord Server (click here)
Support for WebGUI:
Telegram Username: @Nexgan
You can contact me here on Spigot, but I might not see messages, so I would prefer using above methods.

Java 8
Spigot 1.14.x-1.15.x
(legacy versions are available but not anymore fully supported, read above for more info).
PaperSpigot support is not granted (even if many users currently use it).


✔ MySQL compatibility DONE
✔ GUI Opened Reports DONE
✔ ManagerGUI to easily manage the reports DONE
Items in GUI lore (description) DONE
Reports List in GUI DONE
Web GUI DONE (by MrAnonymousz)
✘ Reworked version
What you want! Suggest your ideas!
First release
Last update
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