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Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.8
  • 1.9
  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
  • 1.17


Most of you have probably seen images or even GIFs being displayed in ItemFrames/Maps. Well, AdvancedGUI takes that to the next level. You can now create fully interactive custom GUIs that can be used for pretty much anything you can imagine. And the best thing: You don't need to waste hours of your time writing some .yml files just to quit in the end because you missed a quotation-mark somewhere
because AdvancedGUI comes with an extremely intuitive web editor you can use to create your GUIs.
You are not even limited to placing GUIs on walls, with handheld GUIs players can use a GUI in their hand navigating a cursor with their gaze.

There is just too much to tell ^^, make sure to check out our Showcase and Feature section.


Check out our showcase-server: (Version 1.8.8 - 1.16 | Works best on 1.16)

Here are some example GUIs I made while I developed the plugin, most of them are using dummy data but the functionality is 100% possible with AdvancedGUI if you have the right plugins.
Also, you can download the Savepoint files for all those GUIs and check them out in the web editor:
Download savepoints: (also includes example GUIs from the Showcase-Server)







Some features I'd like to highlight are:
- Wall & Handheld GUIs
- Intuitive web editor* (which is open-source btw)
- Advanced caching for optimal performance
- PlaceholderAPI Support
- Vault Support
- A lot of handy components & actions
- Extensive API with good documentation
- Frequent feature updates & fast support

- Text components with custom fonts
- Rectangle components
- Image components
- Remote image components (used for skin rendering)
- GIF components
- Groups
- Hover components
- Check components
- Template & Replica components
- View components

Actions & Checks:
- Command action
- Message action
- Delay action
- Component visibility action
- View change action
- Placeholder check (checks if a placeholder matches a certain value for a player)
- Money check
- Permission check
- Component visibility check
Notice how many possibilities you have with Command actions and Placeholder checks as all plugins have commands and most support placeholders.

Is there any feature missing, that you would like to have?
Then I would love to hear about it! We have a suggestion channel on our discord where the most upvoted suggestions get added.


First, you will need to install AdvnacedGUI and ProtocolLib on your server. Then restart your server and AdvancedGUI should be successfully installed!
Using PlaceholderAPI adds a lot of functionality to your GUIs through Placeholder-Checks, so you might want to install that too.
For the Money-Check to work and for "run command as OP", you will also need to install Vault (not required).

Creating your first GUI:
To create a GUI you use our web editor:
You get started by "Add component" on the bottom-left and see where your creativity takes you from there (see Tutorial section if you need more help on that). Once you are satisfied with your GUI you should download the layout file. This gives you a file converted to a format that is understood by the plugin.
Place the layout .json-file in the layout/ folder of AdvancedGUI and do "/ag reload". Now your GUI should be available ingame. You can see all your Layouts with "/ag layouts".

Placing and managing GUIs ingame:
You can place a GUI with "/ag place [Layout-Name]" and clicking the top-left ItemFrame of a matching ItemFrame grid. Or you can obtain a GUI Item with "/ag item [Layout-Name] (Player)" if it's a 1x1 GUI.
There are some more commands for managing, just do "/ag help" to see all available commands and what they do.

Feel free to request support on our discord if you get stuck at any point on the way. We will be happy to help you out. Just make sure to really read this resource page first ^^



Hit us up on discord if you need any further assistance.


Using AdvancedGUIs API is where things get really mind-blowing as you can create GUIs with virtually no limitations. Think friend-list, trading-system, party/guild management, plot selection, ...
I will add some basic tutorials on how AdancedGUI works and how to create custom components. But the Java Docs should already be able to get you started. And if you have some fancy idea of what you would like to do but you are not yet sure what the best way to implement it is, then just get in touch with me on discord and I'll make sure to clear things up.

As an example of how to extend a GUI created with the web editor, I have created a GUI Addon for my other plugin AdvnacedBan.
Here is how it looks in action:

You can find the code on GitHub:

You purchase the plugin, not the web editor. The web editor is a free tool we make accessible to everyone who has purchased this resource to intuitively create the GUI layout files. We will do our best to keep the web editor online at all times and in case this project gets discontinued any private code (which is just very little) will be made public. Access to the web editor may get restricted for users that leak this resource (or do other bad things ^^).

Please DO NOT post a bad review before trying to get support on our discord.
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