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Advanced Market | Player Market Place - GUI - Local Database

Exclusive Advanced Market | Player Market Place - GUI - Local Database 1.1.1

No permission to download
Compatible Minecraft Version(s)
1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17
Spoiler: Need help/support? Click here!


Advanced Market is a plugin best suited for a quick and dirty market system. Have players put up items for sale and come back a few hours later with some profits! With all the data being stored safely and locally, items are always stored correctly with all NBT data, enchants, names and everything!
Spoiler: Images


Visit the wiki on GitHub
Help translate the plugin into more languages on GitHub


- Quick Add: To add an item to the market by just hovering over an item in the hotbar and execute `/m add <price>`
- Bank: Claim your winnings whenever a player wants with `/m bank`.
- Stock: Quickly view and remove items you have up for sale.
- Admin Items: Want to add an item to the market for someone? Quickly add an item with `/m adminadd`
- Local Database: All items and banks are stored in a local sql database.


- #1 - Download/Purchase the latest Advanced Market jar file.
- #2 - Install any dependencies below so first installation works flawlessly.
- #3 - Upload all files into your "/plugins" folder.
- #4 - Reload/Restart your server, configure and execute "/m reload" and you're set!


- Vault (Required): An api for linking economies with other plugins, vault must be installed, along with an economy plugin, to have Advanced Market function correctly!
- PlaceholderAPI (Coming Soon) - Api for adding global placeholders to practically any kind of text.


[ ] = optional < > = mandatory
Command: /m
or /m open - Open the market!
Permission: advancedmarket.user.open (default)
Command: /m help -
Shows all commands in chat
Permission: NONE
Command: /m add -
Add an item to the market
Permission: advancedmarket.user.add (default)
Command: /m bank -
View current market winnings
Permission: NONE
Command: /m stock -
View current items up for sale
Permission: NONE
Command: /m adminadd <item:amount> <price> -
Force add an item to the market with no player name
Permission: advancedmarket.admin.add
Command: /m reload -
Reload the plugin
Permission: advancedmarket.reload


- advancedmarket.* - All permissions below
- advancedmarket.user.open - Open the market
- advancedmarket.user.add - Add an item to the market
- advancedmarket.admin.add - Force add an item to the market as console
- advancedmarket.admin.reload - Reload the plugin
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