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[1.8.x-1.15] VIP System+ | SQL & YAML configuration | Codes of vip

Exclusive [1.8.x-1.15] VIP System+ | SQL & YAML configuration | Codes of vip Changed Spigot UID

No permission to download
VIP System.png


VIP System+ is an enhanced version of the basic VIP System. Unlike the old version has many improvements, such as codes, change inventory.
You must install or reinstall Java 8!


  • /vip - Open the menu.
  • /vip <Player name> (/vip The_MaxCZ) - Send the info about player VIP.
  • /vip reload - Reload all configs.
  • /vip set <Player name> <Duration> <Type> <VIP Type> (/vip set The_MaxCZ 1 day VIP) - Set VIP to player The_MaxCZ for 1 day.
  • /vip setPermanent <Player name> <VIP Type> (/vip setPermanent The_MaxCZ VIP) - Set permanent VIP for player The_MaxCZ.

  • /vip remove <Player name> - Remove VIP for player.
  • /code <code> - Activate code.
  • /code create <TimeForVIP> <TypeForVIP> <TimeForCode> <TypeForCode> <VIP Type> (/code create 1 hour 2 days VIP) - Create code for VIP (VIP for 1 hour) with code (Code for 2 days).
  • /code remove <code> (/code remove 4648dsa) - Remove code 4648dsa
  • /code list - Send list of codes (Only can active codes)

  • vipsystem.commands.all - For all commands (Without /code <code>, because is default cmd)

Spoiler: config.yml
Spoiler: types.yml
Spoiler: menu.yml
Spoiler: messages.yml
Spoiler: Languages

Spoiler: VIP API
Spoiler: Code API


If you using PlaceholderAPI or MVdWPlaceholderAPI you can use placeholder for VIP System! (1.8 and high)
  • {vip_rank} / %vip_rank% - Return type of VIP.
  • {vip_endingdate} / %vip_endingdate% - Return ending date.
  • {vip_activate} / %vip_activate% - Return ✔ or ✘.
  • {vip_lastrank} / %vip_lastrank% - Return last rank.

If you don't have paypal, contact me on PM and I tell you to any bought style.


By purcharse this plugin you agree:
  • Not to decompile this plugin.
  • Not to upload elsewhere.
  • Not to publish as author the plugin.
  • Not permission to refund money.
Servers using this plugin:
  • hraj.WolfMC.cz (Czech server)
  • mc.PvP-Mania.eu (Czech/Slovak PvP server)
  • play.UkazkovyServer.eu (Testing server for Czech, Slovakia)
  • mc.EndPlay.eu (Czech server)
  • mc.bestrun.eu (Czech server)
Special thanks to JakSar77 (hraj.WolfMC.cz) for reporting bugs!
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Changed Spigot UID

    Changed Spigot UID Fuck off ^^ The_MaxCZ I hope that you like to ban licenses that are used...
  2. Update 1.5.5 is here!

    Update: 1.5.5 Fixed: - Some bugs Please contact me if the plugin shows you cracked version.