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[1.7 - 1.16] [BUNGEE & SPIGOT] MBanProxyVPN - STOP VPN / Proxy - CountryChecker [UNIVERSAL]

Nulled [1.7 - 1.16] [BUNGEE & SPIGOT] MBanProxyVPN - STOP VPN / Proxy - CountryChecker [UNIVERSAL] 1.14.2

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MBanProxyVPN is a Bungeecord or a Spigot plugin (As you wish!) to protect you from players who use VPN or Proxy.
The plugin is compatible with Paperspigot (and the other forks of Bungeecord/Spigot)

Protect your server !

This plugin will no longer receive updates adding new features.

Only patches will still be developed if necessary.

Please read this before buy the plugin or if you have a error with


» VPN/Proxy detection by multiple checks!
» Ban IP through Hostname
» AutoBan of rejected IP
» Allows only certain countries to join your server
» Limit the number of online players on a same IP!
» Manage a list of IP & nicknames considered safe
» Possibility to disable the plugin ingame (Only on spigot when when your whitelist is on)
» Automatic IP log
» List management by commands!
» Checks a list of more than 30,000 IP & Regularly updated
» Run the commands you want on players who are detected as using a VPN / proxy

/banpv <argument>


» safeuser : Management of authorized nicknames or uuids whatever the IP used
» safeip : Management of authorized IP whatever the nickname used
» banip : Management of banned IP (VPN/Proxy)
» transfer : Allows to directly transfer an IP from badip to safeip
» checkip : Allows to check an IP directly in game
» notif : Show message for you when player is ban
» reload : Reload the configuration

Command only on Bungee: /kickm <user> <reason>

/kickm : mbanproxyvpn.command.kickm

mbanproxyvpn.update :
Notify when a update is available
mbanproxyvpn.bypass : Bypass Country Checker, VPN/Proxy Checker and the limit of players for an ip


The plugin uses different services to manage detection.
Some of these services require a quick registration and configuration.
The configuration of these services is explained and is recommended for a good operation of the plugin.
All services (except one optional) have a free plan.




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