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「 UltraAttacker 」 Simple but Poweful Java DDoS | Under recode

 「 UltraAttacker 」 Simple but Poweful Java DDoS | Under recode 2.3

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Why Choose UltraAttacker?

UltraAttacker has a lot of advantages over any other DDoS Program or script.

1) Total anonymity, nobody knows what you attacking, UltraAttacker doesn't log any action you did.
2) Often updates, By ofter updates you can get a lot of bypasses than in older versions.
3) Proxies, Every packet you send by UltraAttacker means nobody can track ya down!
4) We also can sell you our Blacklist that's mean you can be protected from UltraAttacker Attacks.

Command to start: java -jar Attacker.jar <IP/URL> <Method*> <Threads>

* available methods: Method1 / Method2 / XenForo(Temp Deleted) / CFBypass

Screenshots: Select a method:


More screenshots later!
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Latest updates

  1. 2.3

    (+) Methods 1 - 2 were updated :)
  2. 2.2

    (+) New method CFBypass (-) Temporarily removed XenForo method due to recode (+) Proxies update...
  3. 2.1

    UltraAttacker no longer connect to our backend
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