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⭐Craft IT⭐ ~ Unique crafting minigame! [1.8.8-1.16.4] [50% Christmas Sale]

Nulled ⭐Craft IT⭐ ~ Unique crafting minigame! [1.8.8-1.16.4] [50% Christmas Sale] 3.7

No permission to download

Craft IT is a minigame where you goal is to craft the specified item as fast as you can before your opponents will do ! All players will be after lobby spawned into arena, where they can find all blocks that are required to craft specified item. Player who craft that item first, is the winner!


I am doing my best to help you on my Discord Support Channel with any kind of problem you have or with any unresolved question about my plugins. Definitely join it!

  • Highly-Configurable and translatable!
  • Easy to use!
  • 1.8 - 1.16.3 Support!
  • MySQL Support!
  • Sound Effects!
  • Game-Win Effects!
  • Automatic arena rollback system!
  • BungeeCord / MultiArena support!
  • Scoreboards!
  • Simple setup!
  • Unlimited Join and Leave arena signs!
  • Low CPU & RAM usage!
  • Lagless!



  • craftit.admin - Admin permission


Installing the plugin:
  1. Download the plugin
  2. Put CraftIT.jar, and other plugin requirements into your plugin folder
  3. Reload / Restart the server
In-Game setup:
Note: After setting everything, please reload plugin by /ci reload to apply all changes!

1.Arena Setup(For each arena):
  1. Create arena in new world by /ci create <arena_name>
  2. Set arena's lobby location by /ci setlobby <arena_name>
  3. Add items which you want to be craftable in your arena by /ci additem <arena_name> ! You must have something in hand ! Each game random one item from list is picked to be crafted.
  4. For each player spawn do /ci addspawn <arena_name>
  5. If you made a mistake in players spawns, simply do /ci delspawn <arena_name> (This will remove the latest added spawn)
2.Arena Signs

Setup join and leave signs for CraftIT by this pattern:


If you want to use BungeeCord, setup the game, and the in config.yml set option use_bungee to true, and fallback_server!

Note: useBungeecord: true will NOT automaticaly join players to the game ! If you want that, also set the auto_join_players to true.


If you want to use player stats (MySQL), set the use_mysql to true in config.yml and fill up mysql information in config.yml!

If useMysql = true - It will save your players data to your database !
If useMysql= false - Players game data will not be saved ! (In upcoming updates, there will be option to save players data into YAML)

French tutorial by @TheIntelloBox:


  • If you have right to download the Craft IT plugin, you are claimed as "buyer" of Craft IT plugin, who has no right on refund.
  • Author of this plugin has full right to change the price of the plugin anytime.
  • Author of this plugin has full right to change content of this plugin anytime.
  • Claiming this resource as your own creation is marked as huge violation of the author's rights.
  • You are accepting the Premium Resource Guidelines and Terms of Service of spigotmc.org.

Special thanks to:
@Dark_Obscurity - 10.00€ - First donator ! <3
@TheStepan177 - 10.00€
@MarcoLvr - 2.00€
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 3.7

    CraftIT | 3.7 ⦁ Improved Hologram System ( Required HolographicDisplays )
  2. 3.6

    License system removed according to Premium Resource Guidelines!
  3. 3.6

    CraftIT | 3.6 ⦁ Added Stats Hologram ( Required HolographicDisplays ) ⦁ Added /ci addhologram...

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I really don't understand what are you writing here :D
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