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⭐ GesturePlus | ▸ Armorstand Cosmetic Plugin ✅

Exclusive ⭐ GesturePlus | ▸ Armorstand Cosmetic Plugin ✅ 2.3.6

No permission to download
- New Version Support 1.17

The plugin is in the recode phase with new compatibility with many more plugins.
- New Discord Support
- Fix small bugs
- Animations were optimized a bit

Discord Support: https://discord.gg/EXVfPS5sJF
- The bug of eliminating the armor stands when killing the server has been fixed, this will never happen again
- New permission to open menu using command
  • Permission: "gestureplus.cmd.menu"
You can modify it to your liking, from the plugin configuration (config.yml)

- Some unnecessary plugin events have been removed
- Check update fixed
- Message on join fixed
- Fix bug on cancel event (GestureCancelEvent) NEW!
- Added new option to appear the armorstand in front of the player NEW!

  • This option has to be activated from the config, since it is not activated by default, it is only aesthetic and customer tastes you can change it to your liking.
- Server Testing of Plugin: NEW!

- Now you can use the gestures on the lawn, flowers and in some parts that you could not use before.

If any error is found please let me know I will fix it as soon as possible thanks
- Inventory Flicker Fixed NEW!
- NoteBlockAPI No Found Song Fixed NEW!
- WorldGuard Hook NEW!

: deny-gesture
For the hook to work you have to activate it from the plugin config. It only works on recent versions of worldguard, it won't work on old ones, it probably works on later versions.