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⭐ GesturePlus | ▸ Armorstand Cosmetic Plugin ✅

Exclusive ⭐ GesturePlus | ▸ Armorstand Cosmetic Plugin ✅ 2.3.6

No permission to download

First of all, the plugin works to be able to add gestures to your lobby, but what are the gestures? Later you will have a test of how they are in the game, by adding this to your lobby you are adding a unique cosmetic to be able to express yourself better with it.

The plugin has different functions that you will be able to read little by little in this article, make sure you read everything correctly so that the plugin can work in its best state.

Mainly the plugin works with a main menu that you can open with an item or with commands, being inside the menu you can use the gestures that you have allowed from your range.

Spoiler: Servers Using GesturePlus



- Custom Gui main Menu
  • Support Custom head texture
  • Permission on click item
  • Allow modify Rows, Title and add items to inventory
- The plugin is not compatible with 1.14.x

- ✔ New Configurations files

  • Lang files EN,ES
  • File Animations.yml
  • Configurations file config.yml
- Full configurable permissions in config
- Custom item on player join
- Disable in world gesture
- Developer API

- ✔ Random Armorstand names

  • The names are random which can be set in the animations.yml file
- Armor stand item in hand
- ActionBar
- Modifiable the duration of the gesture
- Modification equipments armor stand
- ✔ Support PlaceholderAPI

  • Gesture hologram
  • Main inventory
- NoteBlockAPI
  • Now some gestures have songs this hook is not necessary for the plugin to work
- HexColor Support


This is the view of the player when he plays a gesture.


This is the menu where you choose which gesture you want to use.


Spoiler: All Gesture Animation

  • /gesture help | Default Permission: gestureplus.cmd.help | See plugin information
  • /gesture menu | Does not take permission | Open Gesture Main menu
  • /gesture animation <animation-name> | Permissions change with different gestures | Play an gesture with commands
  • /gesture cancel | Does not take Permission | Cancel the gesture with commands
  • /gesture reload | Default Permission: gestureplus.cmd.reload | Reload Configuration files
  • /gesture list | Default Permission: gestureplus.cmd.list | Look at the list of the different gestures available.

The plugin for now only has as an api some events that are already explained below for what each of them are used
If you create any addon for this plugin please let me know to add it to the addons list thanks.

Code (Java):

public void onGesture(PlayerGestureEvent event){
Player player = event.getPlayer();
GestureAPI gestureAPI = event.getGestureAPI();

public void onCancelGesture(PlayerCancelGestureEvent event){
Player player = event.getPlayer();
GestureAPI gestureAPI = event.getGestureAPI();

public void onEndGesture(GestureEndEvent event){
Player player = event.getPlayer();
GestureAPI gestureAPI = event.getGestureAPI();

| Show your remaining cooldown to use again
%gesture_name% | Show the name of the gesture you are using


First you have to install a version of spigot that is compatible with the plugin, since you have it installed in your server folder, a folder called "plugins" will be created, then you will have to turn off the server and follow the next step within In the plugins folder, you will place the file (GesturePlus.jar) of the plugin, after that you will have to start the server as normal, since you followed all the steps you would have the plugin installed correctly on your minecraft server.

This Plugin is not compatible with Bukkit

Spoiler: Configuration Files

By obtaining this plugin you are accepting the plugin licenses and the terms of this

- Under no circumstances are you permitted to redistribute this product.
- Do not request a refund or made a chargeback.
- None but the most recent version of these terms are applicable.
- Using parts from or modifying this plugin is not permitted.

* GesturePlus 2021 ©
Discord Support: ! xKaizer#6666
Wiki: https://github.com/xKaizer/GesturePlus/wiki

Please if you had any problem with the plugin do not leave a bad review, contact me privately so I can help you I will answer you immediately.

Are you interested in the source code?

Tell me in discord xKaizer#6666

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