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(Versions 1.16.X are also supported)


1.17 support is still in development, sorry for the inconvenience. The next update will allow the support of this brand new version!

Are you bored of standard chat broadcast plugins?

HoloBroadcast allows you to broadcast messages as holograms displayed in front of players following their movements.

You can also send private hologram messages to individual players, or display a hologram when specific events are triggered (e.g. when a player joins your server.) It is completely transparent to the PvP and build experiences: you can still hit players and place/break blocks through any hologram.
HoloBroadcast simulates a “Head Up Display” (“HUD” is the type of display that Tony Stark has in his Iron Man helmet) to display holographic messages that stick to the player view even when they turn their head or move.

(special thanks to BGHDDevelopment, the video is so great)

Spoiler: Updates



  • broadcast holograms to players (individual or group)​
  • bungeecord support (broadcast to all servers)​
  • personal player settings with in-game GUI​
  • send holograms when specific events are triggered​
  • animations, items, particles and sounds in your holograms!​
  • combat tag, templates and auto-announcer system​
  • Supports HEX Colors (&<#ffffff>)​
  • API for developers​
  • Placeholders with PlaceHolderAPI or MVdWPlaceHolderAPI
  • hook to PlotSquared
  • hook to FACTIONS (also supports forks and remakes such as SaberFactions / SavageFactions)
  • hook to WORLDGUARD
  • Asynchronous holograms (running on their own thread) which means incredible performances​

Settings GUI.png

When using the /holobroadcast settings command you will open the personal settings GUI. This menu allows you to change your HoloBroadcast preferences. There are 5 buttons:​
  • Disable/Enable HUD: this setting is responsible for the display of hologram messages. When enabled you will receive every hologram messages in your HUD, otherwise they will simply appear in the chat. Please note that fancy features such as item will not be displayed in the chat due to Minecraft limitations.​
  • HUD distance: this allows you to change the distance of your HUD. You can choose between 2, 3 and 4.​
  • Receive Auto-Announcement Messages: the player can decide to no longer receive messages from the auto-announcer.​
  • Receive holograms sound: this allows you to enable/disable the sounds from hologams​
  • Receive HUD while in combat: works like the Disable/Enable HUD but when you are in combat​
  • Receive Particles: choose to receive or not particles​


Spoiler: Commands
  • /holobroadcast (or /hb or /holo)
    • help: displays a help page explaining HoloBroadcast’s commands​
    • settings: opens the personal GUI Settings​
    • send <Player> <Message>: sends an hologram message to a player using the default hologram duration (defined in the settings.yml configuration file)​
    • sendduration <Player> <Duration in Ticks> <Message>: sends an hologram to a player which will last a given amount of ticks​
    • sendtemplate <Player> <Template Name> [Arguments]: sends an hologram to a player based on a pre configured template, replacing %argument_1%, ... %argument_n% placeholders with the give arguments
      %argument_all% Will display all the current arguments in the command.
      %argument_other% Will display all the arguments that havn't been used with %argument_X%.​
    • broadcast <Message>: broadcasts a HUD hologram to every player​
    • broadcastall <Message>: broadcasts a HUD hologram to every player on EVERY CONNECTED SERVERS ON YOUR BUNGEE NETWORK!​
    • broadcasttemplate <Template Name> [Arguments]: broadcasts a HUD hologram to every player based on a pre configured template, replacing %argument_1%, ... %argument_n% placeholders with the give arguments
      %argument_all% Will display all the current arguments in the command.
      %argument_other% Will display all the arguments that havn't been used with %argument_X%.​
    • clear: clears your current HUD​
    • clear <Player>: clears a given player’s HUD​
    • reload: reloads HoloBroadcast's config files​


Spoiler: Permissions
  • > use the /hb help command​
  • holobroadcast.settings > use the /hb help command​
  • holobroadcast.send > use the /hb send command​
  • holobroadcast.broadcastmessage > use the /hb broadcast command​
  • holobroadcast.broadcastmessageall > use the /hb broadcastall command​
  • holobroadcast.senddurationmessage > use the /hb sendduration command​
  • holobroadcast.sendtemplate > use the /hb sendtemplate command​
  • holobroadcast.clear > use the /hb clear command​
  • holobroadcast.clear.other > use the /hb clear <Player> command​
  • holobroadcast.reload > use the /hb reload command​
  • holobroadcast.blankline > use the %bl% placeholder​
  • holobroadcast.newline > use the %nl% placeholder​
  • holobroadcast.item > use the %item_XXXX% placeholder​
  • holobroadcast.sound > use the %sound_x_XXXXX,x,x% placeholder​
  • holobroadcast.particle > use the %particle_x_XXXXX,x% placeholder​

Messages format.png

When writing an hologram you have many options to format it as you want. Here are the placeholders supported by HoloBroadcast:​
Spoiler: HB's placeholders
  • %nl% jumps to a new line (acts as if you pressed the “return” key of your keyboard) (perm: holobroadcast.newline)​
  • %bl% creates a blank line (perm: holobroadcast.blankline)​
  • %item_MATERIAL% or %item_MATERIAL:ID% creates an item. (perm: holobroadcast.item)​
  • %animation_name% animates the text using an animation defined in the animations.yml configuration file.​
  • %sound_frequence_SOUND_NAME,volume,pitch% repeats a given sound in your hologram every X (X being the frequence parameter) ticks. For example %sound_10_LAVA_POP,1,2.3% will play the lava pop sound every 10 ticks while your hologram is alive at a volume of 1 and a pitch of 2.3. (perm: holobroadcast.sound)​
  • %particle_frequence_PARTICLE_NAME,amount% repeats a given particle in your hologram every X (X being the frequence parameter) ticks. For example %particle_10_MOBSPELL,2% will play 2 mob spell particles every 10 ticks while your hologram is alive. (perm: holobroadcast.particle)​
  • %template_templatename% uses one of your templates defined in your templates.yml file. (However %argument_k% placeholders won't be replaced if you do not use the broadcasttemplate or sendtemplate command).​
  • You can also use any placeholder from PlaceHolderAPI or MVdWPlaceHolderAPI
  • To use hex color: &<#HEXCOLOR>​


HoloBroadcast will generate 5 files when you first install it: settings.yml, messages.yml, animations.yml and players_data.yml. Please do not edit players_data.yml as it stores your player’s custom settings.

Configuring the settings.yml file

The settings.yml file gives you the ability to edit various HoloBroadcast settings.​
Spoiler: Parameters
  • default-hologram-duration: this is the duration in ticks during which the hologram will stay in front of a player if no duration is specified as a command argument.​
  • max-hologram-duration: this is the maximum duration that a user can specify when sending an hologram.​
  • lock-hud-y: allows you to lock the y position of HUD. (Player's up and down movements won't affect the HUD positions). The HUD will stay at the head-height location.​
  • relative-display: you can move the location of the HUD (with x, y and z parameters!) For instance if you want to move the HUD to the top of the screen, just increase the y value!​
  • hologram-HUD-spawn-sound: the sound played to a player when a HUD hologram spawns. The format is SOUND_NAME,volume,pitch.​
  • hologram-HUD-despawn-sound: the same as hologram-HUD-spawn-sound.​
  • combattag-time: the time in seconds during which a user is considered in combat after he has hit a player or been hit.​
  • hooks: this is the category where you'll be able to edit the Third Party plugins hook. (like PlotSquared)​
  • join-message: this allows you to send an hologram when a player joins your server. You can enable/disable it, change its duration and the text that will be displayed. You can also configure the delay before sending the HUD to the player (avoiding player lags at log-in)​
  • welcome-message: the same as join-message, except it is sent to players who join your server for the first time.​
  • disabled-worlds: this is a list of worlds which do not accept holograms. If a player receives an hologram in one of this world, it will be displayed in the chat ignoring the player's personal settings.​
  • auto-announcer: This allow you to created periodic auto broadcasted messages to all the player. (you can configure the perdiod -> repeat-each, configure the duration of the message and add as many messages as you want!) If you put more than one message, one message will be selected each period.​

Configuring the messages.yml file

The messages.yml file allows you to modify HoloBroadcast messages.​
Spoiler: Parameters
  • chat-broadcast-separator: when a player receives an hologram in the chat, this separator will be displayed the line before and the line after the message​
  • player-settings-gui: this is the section in which you can change every text aspect of the personal settings gui.​

Creating animations


You can use the animations.yml file to create your own animation, it is very easy. Think of an animation as a stop-motion video. Indeed, you create every line (frame) of your animation and HoloBroadcast takes care of displaying them at the correct speed.
Start by writing your animation’s name, this will be your animation’s section in this file. You only need to add two sub-sections: refresh-rate and list. The refresh-rate is the time in ticks between each line of your animation. The list contains every of those lines. We have included some examples in the the animations.yml file to get you started.

Using templates
Spoiler: How to use Templates?
In the templates.yml config file you can create templates. If we take for example the default template defined in the templates.yml config file, you would use it like this:
Code (Text):

templatetest: '&cThis is a &bTest Template.%nl%&aThe player put &2%argument_1% in the command.%bl%&eHere is the second argument: %argument_2%'

Code (Text):
/hb broadcasttemplate templatetest arguments helloworld​
This would replace %argument_1% with "arguments" and %argument_2% with "helloworld".

Using WorldGuard
You can send HUD when a player enters a specific region. To achieve that, just set the "hb-enter-hud' flags to the HUD you want (/rg flag <region id> hb-enter-hud <Here goes the HUD raw lines>)
Set it to "no" to disable it.

Our future ideas.png

We have many upgrades in the pipe, which we will release to you as soon as they are ready. Here are a few of our ideas:​
  • Add the possibility to create static holograms and control who can see them​
  • More pre-defined animations​
  • BungeeCord and Database support​


Try out HoloBroadcast on the following server!

We strongly believe in collaboration and communication. If you have any issue with HoloBroadcast please contact us before posting a bad review. We will be glad to help you! If you have any issue please follow this procedure:
  • Replace your current HoloBroadcast jar with the latest that was correctly functioning on your server.​
  • Contact us and send us a screenshot of the error in your console logs and describe as precisely as possible the steps that cause this error.​
You can contact us using the following methods:

Click on the Discord picture below

Send a PM to _Rolyn or DevKrazy on Spigot (you can also use the discussion section of the resource).
We put our hearts in the development of HoloBroadcast so we really hope that you will enjoy it. If you have any idea or feature request feel free to contact us!

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