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✨ HestiaCore [1.7 - 1.16]✨- Ranks, Punishments, Tags, Discord, Vault

Direct ✨ HestiaCore [1.7 - 1.16]✨- Ranks, Punishments, Tags, Discord, Vault 1.08

No permission to download
The file is provided by: Leptir​

- MongoDB or MySQL 8.0
- Redis

Discord Integration:
• Sync
Whenever you sync your Discord Account to your Minecraft account, your role will be transferred.


• Notifications

Whenever a Grant, Punishment, Report, Request or Filter Bypass is issued, it will be notified in the Discord.

Customize Core:
• Customize

Whenever you customize your Core, it will change the name of the Core by your liking.

Chat Management:
• Mute Chat

Whenever you mute the chat, players without the needed permission cannot talk.

• Clear Chat
Whenever you clear the chat, players without the needed permission will have a blank chat.

• Slow Chat
Whenever you slow the chat, player without the needed permission will have a cooldown between each message.

• Blacklists, Bans, Mutes, Kicks & Warns

Whenever a player is Blacklisted, Banned, he will not be able to join the server.
Whenever a player is Muted, he will not be able to talk again in chat.
Whenever a player is Kicked, he will be temporarily removed from the network.
Whenever a player is Warned, he will receive a message with his mistake.


• Punishments & StaffHistory
Whenever you check someone's Punishments, you will be able to see all the information.

• Wipe & Rollback
Whenever you Wipe or Rollback punishments, they will get removed from the server.

• Permissions
Whenever you add a permission to a player, only this player will have the permission.
• Notes
Whenever you add a note to a player, this will occur when the player joined.

• Lookup
Whenever you lookup a player, you will see all the data.

• Reports & Requests
Whenever you report a player or request something, all staff will get messaged.

• StaffChat & AdminChat
Whenever you chat while using Admin- or Staffchat, only staff can see your chat.

• Messages & Ignores
Whenever you private message someone, only you & the person can see it.
Whenever you ignore someone he cannot Private Message you.


• Grant
Whenever you grant a player, his rank changes to whatever you want & how long you want.


• Grants
Whenever you granted someone you can always check his previous grants.

• List & Info
List shows all your current ranks. This is supported with clickable messages to save you some time!
Info shows all the information about this rank. This is supported with clickable messages to save you some time!

• Customize Rank
Whenever you create the rank, you will be able to grant people with this role.
Whenever you set the priority, the rank will be higher. People who are lower can't grant or punish highers.

• Tags
Whenever you open the tags menu, you can choose about all the ranks you have permissions for.


• List / RunCMD
Whenever open the list, you can get all the information about all the servers. You can also execute commands.

• Freeze / Vanish
Whenever you're not sure a player is cheating, you can freeze him.
Whenever you want to spectate a player, you can go in vanish & check him.


• List / OnlineStaff
A list of players can be opened. Vanished Players will not show up.
A list of staffs can be opened. Vanished Players will not show up.

• Import
You can import ranks from PEX & nCore.
You can import tags from nCore

• Essentials
There is an Essentials System integrated.

Extra Information:
- This Core has an API which can be receive in Pms.
- This Core takes over the Vault Permission & Chat system.
- This Core supports PlaceHolderAPI.
- Support can be received in dms.

Our API can be used to receive info of HestiaCore.
Click here if you want to import the API class in your resource.
You can download our latest API (version 1.0.0)

Proof of Ownership:



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