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Exclusive Source ✨ Godet | ⚡ Your own discord bot, without the coding! ⚡ 0.9.1 With Install Guide

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Your own discord bot, without the coding!

If you have joined at least some Minecraft Server discords in the past
you have probably seen at least one server with a discord bot, but not every discord bot, a custom one.. it had their server logo and commands that were basically just made for the server (!ip !shop !twitter, etc.)

Well... I saw them too, and i always wondered where could i get one of those for my server, i searched on youtube, google, developer discords and well... it seemed that those bots were actually custom made for that especific server, i mean they were some developers that offered to make one of those for me (If i was able to pay them $50+)
for the features the bot was going to have $50 dollars seemed like a lot, so i never got one of those cool custom bots...

Until i learned coding, and made my OWN... I realized a lot of servers probably wanted one of those but never wanted to spend several hours coding it or paying a developer to do it, so i made Godet... this a Fully customizable bot wich is really easy to configure and has every feature a server would need for a really CHEAP price... $3.99

The bot is ready for use out of the box, you only need to enter your server ip, shop, favorite color and other fun stuff on the config.json, install javascript and the dependencies and its Ready To Go!

Yes!, your custom discord bot in less than 3 minutes!


Godet has quite a few features to help your server, here are a few of them:

Full Status Report

This command (!stats/!status) will show every piece of info about your server a player would need, it will show the ip, how many players are online, if the server is Powered or Offline and even the Server Version you need to be in order to join!

Here is a example:

Spoiler: Server status

Show your shop and IP

These commands (!ip/!shop) show what they would be expected to show... Your IP and your Store link, dont worry... This is set on the config.json file.

Here is an Example:

Spoiler: Shop and IP

Moderation Commands

Godet has a great number of Moderation commands, this commands will help you control your server and protect it from rule breakers and stuff


Spoiler: Moderation Commands

Do you still want more commands?

Do you also want to link other social medias?
(!twitter, !instagram !youtube and etc.)

Dont worry! Its really easy to add your custom Text (Embed) commands, Just copy the base from commands/base.js disable the admin only setting and change the text and command to whatever you want!

Command List:

Godet comes with some default commands but you can always add more of your custom commands, its really easy!

Command list:

- !help
- !ban
- !unban
- !kick
- !nuke
- !lock
- !unlock
- !nuke
- !ip
- !shop
- !stats


Installing and customizing godet is fast and not hard at all, when you download the sourcecode create an Application at discord.com/developers/applications/
and add a bot to your application, then open the settings.json file and change everything you see there, paste your bot token, choose what color you would like the bot to be, select the prefix paste your minecraft server IP, the logo, Put your discord account as a bot admin and your READY to go!

For extra help setting up the bot and adding commands you can contact me at:



- You are allowed to use the source code in different bots for different servers as long as those bots/servers belong to you and you are not sharing the source code

- No refunds will be allowed and they can get your account banned from McMarket

- Dont leak or share the source code

- I dont really need credit, thats why you are paying for this, im ok if you say you made the bot or whatever... if you still want to credit me for the bot it would be great!


You are buying only the Bot Source Code, you will need to host this yourself... I can host the bot for you but this will be $5 per month, contact me in discord


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Latest updates

  1. Added a install guide!

    sh setup.sh It will show you what commands you need to run to get godet installed
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