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✦ JetsRepairTokens ✦ [1.8-1.16] SUPPORTED! ✦ Repair by certain durability! ✦

Nulled ✦ JetsRepairTokens ✦ [1.8-1.16] SUPPORTED! ✦ Repair by certain durability! ✦ 2.4 | Donated file <3

No permission to download
Thanks for giving me the file @qSox_ :giggle:


This plugin provides the functionality to create unlimited, different Repair Tokens with different durability assigned to them. When a user uses a token and tool together, this tool will be repaired by this a predefined amount.

This plugin can be used in all types of gamemodes including Survival, SkyBlock, Factions and Prison.

Versions from 1.8 - 1.16 supported!

Come and join our official Discord Server!


  • Create unlimited Repair Tokens
  • Set the durability amount (the number of uses) that each repair token repairs by
  • Modify each Repair Token to your liking
  • Modify the list of Materials that these Repair Tokens can be applied to
  • No dependencies required
  • Extremely customisable
  • API For developers



- /RepairToken give <player> <repairtoken> <amount> - Gives a user a specified repair token - Permission jetsrepairtoken.admin.give
- /RepairToken giveall <repairtoken> <amount> - Gives all users online a specified repair token - Permission jetsrepairtoken.admin.giveall
- /RepairToken reload - Reloads the configuration file - Permission jetsrepairtoken.admin.reload
- /RepairToken list - Lists all valid tokens - Permission jetsrepairtoken.admin.list
- /RepairToken about - Lists information about the plugin

Instead of using /RepairToken, the alias /rt can be used!


1. Place the jar within the 'plugins' directory
2. Run the server to produce the configuration file
3. Edit the Configuration file to your liking
4. Run the command /rt reload to reload the configuration file


Spoiler: config.yml


The plugin has one event located here: me.jet315.repairtokens.events.TokenUseEvent
This event is called when a Repair Token is about to be consumed
Code (Text):

public void onTokenUse(TokenUseEvent e){
//Check if the item being clicked is a wooden pickaxe
if(e.getClickedItem().getType() == Material.WOOD_PICKAXE){
//Check if the player doing it is called jet315
//Check if the repair token is a Nether Star
if(e.getRepairItem().getItemStack().getType() == Material.NETHER_STAR){
//Prevent jet315 from using the Repair Token!


Simply send me a message via Spigot


By buying this plugin you agree to the following terms:
  • You will not chargeback - If you have a problem message me, in most cases I will happily refund the purchase (If within 48 Hours of purchase)
  • I cannot guarantee support indefinitely.
  • You may not redistribute or resell this plugin or any part of it
  • I may refuse to give you support with or without any specific reason
  • If you have an issue with this plugin, please contact me before leaving a 1 or low star rating
  • Basic metrics are gathered including server version, plugin version, and players on the server
  • I can update this terms of use at any time, without notification
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