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✦ EffectBoots | [1.8.8 - 1.17] ✦

Exclusive ✦ EffectBoots | [1.8.8 - 1.17] ✦ 5.5.6 - Leak Fix

No permission to download

EffectBoots gives your Player the opportunity to use over 26 Boots with effects.
There are Boots that have special abilities and thus offer a change.

Permission - For every single Boots Permission.

Special Boots - Special Boots with special features.

Villager - You can open the GUI for the Boots via a Villager without executing a command.

Awesome Effects - Each Boots has a different effect to provide variety.

Simple GUI - All Boots are accessible via a simple GUI.

Fully configurable - You can edit all Messages.
Just like all Boots names and slots.

No depends - No other Plugins required, everything that is required is built into EffectBoots.



It is possible that the files are not always up to date.
Files Version: 5.5.1

Spoiler: Boots.yml
ItemName: '&bRainyBoots'
ItemSlot: '0'
Lore: '&7Rain rain rain...//&7Where is the Sun ?'
ItemName: '&cFireBoots'
ItemSlot: '1'
Lore: '&7You want to be hot ?//&7Then these Boots are perfect!'
ItemName: '&7SmokeBoots'
ItemSlot: '2'
Lore: '&7You''ll be better than Snoop Dogg.//&7Smoke weed everyday...'
ItemName: '&4LoveBoots'
ItemSlot: '3'
Lore: '&7I love you Herobrine.//&7Definitely not.'
ItemName: '&aMusicBoots'
ItemSlot: '4'
Lore: '&7Dance now.//&7Party Party!'
ItemName: '&fIceBoots'
ItemSlot: '5'
Lore: '&7It is Winter!//&7No, no matter it''s Winter anyway.'
ItemName: '&4AngryBoots'
ItemSlot: '6'
Lore: '&7I''m so Angry...//&7Like a Creeper!'
ItemName: '&6LavaBoots'
ItemSlot: '7'
Lore: '&7Be hot like//&7Lava...'
ItemName: '&fGhostBoots'
ItemSlot: '8'
Lore: '&7I am where you are not.//&7Booooooh!'
ItemName: '&1YoloBoots'
ItemSlot: '9'
Lore: '&7Yolo here Yolo there.//&7Everything is Yolo.'
ItemName: '&6CloudBoots'
ItemSlot: '10'
Lore: '&7Higher and higher...//&7To the infinite.'
ItemName: '&cExplosiveBoots'
ItemSlot: '11'
Lore: '&7Worse than Creepers.//&7Let us blast everything!'
ItemName: '&6SpeedBoots'
ItemSlot: '12'
Lore: '&7Sonic remains speechless.//&7Goodbye Sonic!'
ItemName: '&8EnderBoots'
ItemSlot: '13'
TeleportRange: '8'
Lore: '&7Who needs Enderpearls ?//&7These Boots are much better.'
ItemName: '&6SuperJumpBoots'
ItemSlot: '14'
Lore: '&7Kangaroos are old fashioned.//&7This is much better.'
ItemName: '&7JetPackBoots'
ItemSlot: '15'
Lore: '&7I have never used a Plane.//&7I use my Boots.'
ItemName: '&dBaconBoots'
ItemSlot: '16'
Lore: '&7Getting hungry when flying ?//&7No problem Bacon is always there.'
ItemName: '&6ClayBoots'
ItemSlot: '17'
Lore: '&7Fly and Build ?//&7Now it''s possible.'
ItemName: '&5WitchBoots'
ItemSlot: '0'
Lore: '&7Ohhhh Magic.//&7I''m the best Witch.'
ItemName: '&aHappyBoots'
ItemSlot: '1'
Lore: '&7I''m happy.//&7Because i''m happy.'
ItemName: '&cRedstoneBoots'
ItemSlot: '2'
Lore: '&7You''re a Redstone Master ?//&7Then show everyone with these great Boots.'
ItemName: '&fDreamBoots'
ItemSlot: '3'
Lore: '&7Lamborghini, Villa, Millions of Dollars...//&7Oh, that was just a Dream.'
ItemName: '&8GravityBoots'
ItemSlot: '5'
Lore: '&7New from the year 3021.//&7For you extra from the Future.'
ItemName: '&2SlimeBoots'
ItemSlot: '6'
Lore: '&7A little slimy.//&7But they are in the latest Fashion.'
ItemName: '&4DeadBoots'
ItemSlot: '7'
Lore: '&7Your last hour has expired!//&7Now you will die!'
ItemName: '&3MagicBoots'
ItemSlot: '8'
Lore: '&7You want to be better than the Witch ?//&7Then these Boots are right.'
Spoiler: Messages.yml
Prefix: '&7[&aEffectBoots&7]'
NoPermission: '&cYou do not have permission to execute that command!'
SetBootsVillager: '&7You have been set the &eBoots Villager&7.'
CommandNotFound: '&cThis command does not exist.'
Spoiler: Settings.yml
Title: '&6Boots'
ItemName: '&4Remove Boots'
ItemName: '&7Next Page'
VillagerName: '&b&lBOOTS VILLAGER'
SecondBootsPage: 'true'
CustomBootsCommand: /Shoes


/EffectBoots — List all EffectBoots Commands.
/EffectBoots setvillager — Set the Boots Villager.
/Boots — Open the Boots Menu.
effectboots.admin — To spawn the Villager.
effectboots.open — To open the Boots Menu.
effectboots.checkupdate — To receive update Notification.
Spoiler: Boots Permission
- All Boots = effectboots.*
- Open Boots Menu = effectboots.open
- RainyBoots = effectboots.rainyboots
- FireBoots = effectboots.fireboots
- SmokeBoots = effectboots.smokeboots
- LoveBoots = effectboots.loveboots
- MusicBoots = effectboots.musicboots
- IceBoots = effectboots.iceboots
- AngryBoots = effectboots.angryboots
- LavaBoots = effectboots.lavaBoots
- GhostBoots = effectboots.ghostboots
- YoloBoots = effectboots.yoloboots
- CloudBoots = effectboots.cloudboots
- ExplosiveBoots = effectboots.explosiveboots
- SpeedBoots = effectboots.speedboots
- EnderBoots = effectboots.enderboots
- SuperJumpBoots = effectboots.superjumpboots
- JetPackBoots = effectboots.jetpackboots
- BaconBoots = effectboots.baconboots
- ClayBoots = effectboots.clayboots
- WitchBoots = effectboots.witchboots
- HappyBoots = effectboots.happyboots
- DreamBoots = effectboots.dreamboots
- DeadBoots = effectboots.deadboots
- GravityBoots = effectboots.gravityboots
- SlimeBoots = effectboots.slimeboots
- MagicBoots = effectboots.magicboots
- RedstoneBoots = effectboots.redstoneboots


For successful startup, EffectBoots requires:
  • Java 8 or newer.
  • A SpigotMC Server with version 1.8.8 - 1.17
1. Download the Plugin after buying it and drag it to your Plugin folder.
2. Now restart or start your Server.
3. Now open the EffectBoots folder in your Plugins folder and open the License.yml.
And now read what's in there.
4. Now restart your Server and check in the console whether everything was successful.
If so, enter the Server and have Fun.

Before you ask for Support, please check all the steps.
Never use Reviews to report errors or ask anything.

Here are the Support options:
  • If you want to discuss with us don't forget to tag @Neonn_Bukkit. Don't forget the discussion place is not a Support place!
  • For general assistance, Support and suggestions join our Discord.
  • PM'ing us on SpigotMC is also a way of contact, but it will make you to wait longer.
  • If you want to pay with PaysafeCard, then click here.
We recommend that you contact us via Discord.


By purchasing EffectBoots you agree that no refund will ever be provided no matter the reason.

By downloading and using EffectBoots, you agree to the following Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy (please contact us before purchasing if you have any questions regarding them!):

Spoiler: Terms of use
Spoiler: Privacy Policy


You have to say thank you, so here my thanks to:
  • First of all, of course, thank you to all buyers.
  • Thanks to all Supporters and Helpers.
  • To @KyuuLP for the Designs.
  • To Reflex (the Team) because we were inspired by them because of the information page.
  • To the website flaticon for some icons.
  • To the XSeries by @CryptoMorin.
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