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✅-20% ☠️ HackedServer - MODS & CLIENTS detector

Direct ✅-20% ☠️ HackedServer - MODS & CLIENTS detector 1.81.0

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Hey there,

This update is a preparation for the 1.17 update. It might not work on servers older than 1.13 (I'll work on a fix). HackedServer now requires ProtocolLib.
Please report me any bug!

This update adds a check for Winterware client! Thanks @S U C C for the suggestion.
Thanks to @mrfloris for reporting the issue!
Hello there,

This update improves messages when the forge modlist of a forge user couldn't be retrieved! You need to reset messages.yml or add this new entry:
Code (Text):

- "%Prefix%&aThe specified player does not use forge!"
- "%Prefix%&aThe specified player seems to be using forge, but its forge modlist was not detected!"

Have a nice day,