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⚡️ WildStacker ⚡️ Spawners | Entities | Drops | Blocks ⚡️ Custom spawn conditions!

Exclusive Nulled ⚡️ WildStacker ⚡️ Spawners | Entities | Drops | Blocks ⚡️ Custom spawn conditions! 3.4.3

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Compatible Minecraft Version(s)
1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16

WildStacker is suitable for servers with a lot of entities and drops which want to reduce the server-lag that they cause without changing the game experience. With our advanced algorithms, many entities and drops can be stacked at the same time without causing any lag!





Want to see the plugin in action before purchasing? Join WILD.BG-SOFTWARE.COM!


• All the basic and boring stuff of stacking plugins.
Entities stacking, items stacking, spawners stacking and blocks stacking, all in one plugin. Even tho WildStacker was the first 'All in one' stacking plugin, nowadays that's not a biggy. Let's focus on why WildStacker stands out from the other plugins!
• Being updated every-day with many new and modern features.
Unlike many other plugins, the plugin is still updated with new and unique features that no other plugins have. Many are trying to copy the features of the plugin, but there are so many of them that they can't keep up! Also, have I mentioned that all of the features are toggleable?
• It runs at the speed of light!
I've spent lots of hours in developing technics to make the plugin run on your server without any impact. Async stacking, optimized drops calculations, and real-time data saving for entities and items make the plugin the best on the market in terms of performance. Not only that, but all of the stacking-systems work flawlessly together (duh?) and it supports many other plugins!
• The plugin is cheap and will always stay cheap.
For only $6.49, you get all of the goodies that the plugin provides. Are you worried about the plugin lagging your server? pfff, leave it to the competitors. WildStacker is running on large servers with hundreds of online players! Also, 20% of the earnings go to charity, so you're also helping others by purchasing the plugin.
Cheap...? There are many alternatives for free!
Well, you're right and wrong. Nowadays there are many free alternatives to the plugin. However, not only that they don't have all the features that WildStacker has, most of them still use old technics to stack entities (stack timers? yaks, who wants that?!), and I have yet to find a plugin that came with new features on their own that are not in WildStacker.
• The best support you can get. Oh, and that's for life!
Are you also tired of the complicated ticket-systems that require you to fill huge forms instead of getting straight to the point? Then you can take a deep breath, as we don't have one. We have a really modern and efficient ticket system that is handled on our Discord Server! All you have to do is verify (fully-automated verification system), click on an icon - and you have a one-on-one conversion with me and the team!
• Still not convinced? Have you seen the reviews section...?
The plugin has 2,400 unique customers, and it's only growing. Have you heard about the 'wisdom of the crowd'? Then 2,400 people are not wrong! Right, there were some critical issues in the plugin and it deserves the 1-star reviews (nothing is perfect), but most of them are 5 ones, and they are all legit (;

You can read more about WildStacker on the wiki page!




Thanks to PebbleHost for providing us with a testing server! Check them out now!

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