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⚜️ [BASE]BungeeCord server | ✨ Start building your network like a pro!

Config ⚜️ [BASE]BungeeCord server | ✨ Start building your network like a pro! 1.4.8-ALPHA

No permission to download
File provided by: x_leaks





➢ Security - futureproof
In the future I will release security-pack (plugin configs) for Spigot & BungeeCord servers for FREE. It will include spigot-ready & bungee-ready out-of-the-box fixes that are nowadays essential for any type of game mode. It will be a resource&guide type of resource because there will be readme file with explaining everything.

➢ Glitch/Error/Exploit/...-free
Start files (.jar): FlameCord (Travertine fork)

➢ Extremely optimized
Best performance and low resource usage, lightweight.
This is just a bridge to connect all servers in one (assuming most of users knew this)... but this build is the literal proxy server, without any resource hungry (almost "perfect" server build) plugins... it is not average at all as it can stand high bot attack and decent DDoS protection (depending on hosting service). For example MoTD plugin is extremely lightweight plugin and just powerful at the same time.

➢ Flexible design
Everything can be changed pretty easily and the reason why price is slightly higher than his brother from the same family [BASE]Spigot server - is just because you need one of this server, where with subservers (BASE spigot) you can just copy server and have another base for your next server gametype.
For example, MoTD of this proxy server is extremely flexible.

➢ • Updates are frequent! [improvements & fixes]


*At some point in the future, I'll update both [BASE]Spgiot & [BASE]BungeeCord server builds and they will have cross-connection - I'll add one additional folder that will function OUT-OF-THE-BOX, just drag-drop-ready strategy. More better choice will be to wait for another family of server builds that I'll be releasing and it'll feature HUB & PRE-HUB servers, at extreme dedication to their stability, bulletproof, and futureproof if you buy it - because of updates.

➢ Optimized:
  • Server Messages (restarting/stop/...)
  • config.yml file
  • flamecord.yml file
  • messages.yml file
  • modules.yml file

➢ Server Features:
  • Perfect, clean BRIDGE for multiple regular minecraft (spigot/paper/bukkit) servers.
  • "Bulletproof" .jar file [FlameCord].
  • Glitch/Error/Exploit/Bot resistant plugins.
  • Extremely stable backwards and upper versions compatibility (Thanks to FlameCord).
! Note:
This build has extremely small amount of plugins and most of them are doing their job just by being there, with slight configuration changes, but more small changes gives us big results.
*Server features will expand as updates are being released and more features will be added, as well as improvements to current features.

➢ Optional:
  • AuthMe & AuthMeBungee [both .jar and config files will be given] - this plugin is listed as optional if someone wants to have cracked bungee/spigot server.
  • ChangeSkin [only .jar file will be given] - this plugin will replace SkinsRestorer plugin which is already in plugins folder of a server and will work on the server. ChangeSkin is 10 times better optimized and players need to set their skin if they want to have it instead of automatically getting it which helps server if bot attack is present. ChangeSkin required MySQL.
  • BungeeGuard + IPWhiteList [only .jar files will be given] - these plugins will protect your server and make sure no players will successfully join your subservers directly. VERY important plugin pack.
  • BungeeBridge [only .jar files will be given] - this is the plugin that will connect your BungeeCord(proxy) server with your subservers, so you can use subservers to execute proxy commands; simple as that.

➢ SOON [things you can expect in future]:
  • LiteBans [PREMIUM] - ban management plugin [only config folder will be included, always for latest version of the plugin]
  • Simple and lightweight, customized "MyCommand" plugin commands.


Just a slice of a preview

Restarting message:


Server-full message:


Maintenance-Mode MoTD:


Maintenance-Mode kick message:


Plugin protection:

First release
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