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♛ Crimson Anticheat ♛

Exclusive Nulled ♛ Crimson Anticheat ♛ 2.0

No permission to download
Compatible Minecraft Version(s)
Disclaimer: I am too lazy to make it verify so you gotta run server with -noverify, if someone wants to verify the jar for me just send me the file and ill update

Crimson Anticheat is a new upcoming anticheat, featuring plenty of tested checks, a logs system, an Anti-VPN feature, and many other variables to further reduce cheaters, and provide a secure protection for your server. This anticheat is a further enhanced fork of the anticheat "Kleen", which was created solely for limit.rip, although features plenty of new corrections such as packet handlers and channel listeners to stop a handful of hackers before they even join the server! Kleen (the pre-beta version) was used with a playerbase of 180+ players and held at >19.95, with minimal false bans (false-bans caused by lag due to no ddos protection), however Crimson now features an anti-lag (configurable) to attempt to reduce.


Some cheats aren't mentioned in this AntiCheat, are they detected?

This question is asked a whole lot, although has a very clear answer.. YES! Hacks have to be created using minecraft-related methods.. not magic. For example, some no-fall hacks are created by placing a 'fake-block' under the player, hence preventing fall damage. This has been tested on crimson, and will flag either one of the packet checks or one of the fly checks, no need to worry! Not only this, some hacks require timer-like features, such as regen, fast-use etc, this can all be picked up under the timer or packets check :> Happy Days *

Is this plugin configurable?
I have done a fair bit of work to ensure this anticheat does what a good anticheat should do, but have also kept in mind that no-body likes using something they can barely adapt to, so I have made as many features as I can configuarable. If there is anything in the anticheat you would like added to the config, feel free to send me a message and I will be sure to add it (if it's reasonable)

What versions will this run on?
This has been tested on 1.7.10 and 1.8.8, although any version above 1.7.x should work, due to the methods i've used, as long as you have ProtocolLib, everything should be fine from 1.7 and up :>

Vouch Copies
I am willing to give out a small amount of vouch copies to reputable members, although if you do request a vouch copy and meet the criteria of being reputable, I ask that you leave a *GENUINE REVIEW*, if you don't like the plugin, tell me and give me reasons as to why so I can sort it out, if you do, then sweet as :> I'd rather constructive criticism rather then saying it's good just because i've given you a copy.

How do I receive my HWID/License key after I purchased?
All you need to do is send me a private message on Mc-market or create a ticket in the support discord ( https://discord.gg/wqfHWDC ) with proof of your purchase, and I will then create a HWID for you, and all you need to do is place that HWID key in the config, then the plugin will load up :>

Is there a test server?
At this point in time, there is no public test server, although if you are serious about looking into purchasing this anticheat, feel free to send me a message and I can set up a test server for you, no worries. Further in the future I may release a public test server.

Is ***** anticheat better then this?
Well to simply answer this, I can't answer, that is up to you to decide, certain anticheats have certain features for certain gamemodes, Crimson is made mainly for combat and movement hacks, although it detects a variety of other hacks too, it may not detect certain hacks other anticheats do, despite this, I can ensure all checks used in Crimson are genuine and, rest assured, are not bad checks simply advertised solely to make this anticheat sell, time and effort (a lot of time and effort) has been put into this anticheat, as well as my other plugins.

Whats up with the price?
The price of this plugin will fluctuate for a few reasons, some being because even though I have tested with a various amount of players on a HCF server, this anticheat is still prone to issues, and I would rather lower the price if the plugin is not up to standards, and remove the product from listing if I believe the plugin is not complete. All plugins produced by myself are quality assured, and I refuse to upload or sell any of my products that are fairly incomplete.

Is this a fork/decompiled?
Decompiled, no. Fork, yes. This anticheat is a fork of the anticheat 'Kleen', used solely on limit.rip, which, like any good plugin, has been tested, has endeavoured bugs, and plenty of issues, although has been heavily worked on, and heavily tested, and now, under the branding 'Crimson', has minimal bugs (can't say no bugs as that would be a lie, anything and everything has a fair share of bugs or issues), and many new features have been added since the 'Kleen' version, such as a logs system, clean alerts, many more checks, channel listeners and more.

Why talk so highly/genuine about this anticheat, and why sell it if it's so good, especially selling at a low price?
Simple, i've strayed away from minecraft in general, and have had my fair share of owning a server. My server had it's ups and downs, plenty of downfalls but also plenty of uprisings, and throughout the stages of structuring my server, I found that an anticheat was extremely hard to find. I used to pick out leaked anticheats or public, free ones, back when I had no idea how to code, now though, i've decided to release some decent plugins to prevent or reduce this struggle, including a quality anticheat. I don't see the reason why people are paying hundreds of dollars to change something as simple as a prefix or ban message, so i've made this anticheat a bit more interactive and configurable, because at the end of the day, MONEY IS JUST PAPER, plus, most things created these days are all show no talk, it's about time that changed.. right?

Proof this is yours?
Check the "Code Snippets" spoiler below.
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