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  • Trails
  • Projectile Control
  • Homing Projectiles
  • Bouncing Projectiles
  • Custom Bullet Spread
  • Camera Recoil
  • Second Zoom
  • Break Blocks And Regenerate
  • Temporary Turret
  • Monkey Bomb
  • Visual Reload
  • Weapon Weight
  • Skin
  • Attachments (List Of Attachments)
  • Resource pack (1.9 and above)
  • Much more! Check wiki to see each module!

Frequently asked questions
  • CrackShot [DEPEND]
  • Java 8 [DEPEND]
  • Spigot 1.8.X, - 1.16.X [DEPEND]
  • PlaceholderAPI [OPTIONAL]
    • Every message and weapon lore supports PlaceholderAPI
  • WorldGuard [OPTIONAL]
    • weapon-shoot and weapon-break-block flags are added by CSP if WorldGuard is found in server
    • If using WorldGuard it needs to be version 6.2 or newer

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  • You will not post requests for support or report issues on the reviews section.
  • Refunds are available for limited time after purchase (only if you haven't done anything against TOS)
    • 0-7 days after purchase - 75% refund can be requested
    • 7+ days after purchase - no refunds will be given after that
  • Terms of service may change at any time
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