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① | [15% OFF] SURVIVAL CUSTOM 1.17⚡️ | ✨ New Biomes, Custom Mobs, TexturePack, 1.17 Native & More ✨

Setup ① | [15% OFF] SURVIVAL CUSTOM 1.17⚡️ | ✨ New Biomes, Custom Mobs, TexturePack, 1.17 Native & More ✨ 1.3.2

No permission to download
Compatible Minecraft Version(s)
Req. Server Software
Purpur 1.17.1, Java 16
Key: #FD2snhfeRFcCbxt9eN1WFlrhjPJ-EH1Gvo0HUP4vfcM


A server configured in the survival custom mode adding some things that are not found in vanilla and that do not need any mod to enter only a texture pack, since it has biomes, caves, custom mobs, custom textures, 3d models and more things that they are inside the server.

You can get more plugins or setup in my mc-market profile or you can look for more plugins in my spigot profile.

* Not need premium dependencies *



This is a small list of the many things that the setup contains, this list will be updated with each update of the setup, with possible improvements or suggestions for the setup.


Spoiler: More Features


These are a few images about the survival setup, they are different photos of the setup from different perspectives.



* Click the see more setup images *
Spoiler: More Images

If you need any help or just a property you can talk to me directly here in private or contact me through my support discord

Please if you had any problem with the plugin do not leave a bad review, contact me privately so I can help you I will answer you immediately.

Discord: "xKaizer#0001"
Discord Support: https://discord.gg/pD4anpF2X8

My Spigot Profile: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/authors/kaiz3r.686173/

Do you need a minecraft hosting?

Apex hosting is your option
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