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⌬ Magic Generators ⌬ [1.8 - 1.16] | Mobs and Blocks. Stacks, Upgrade and Booster [50% OFF Sale]

Nulled ⌬ Magic Generators ⌬ [1.8 - 1.16] | Mobs and Blocks. Stacks, Upgrade and Booster [50% OFF Sale] 2.4

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A new way of MobSpawners and Item Generators, with the power of magic, potions, special effects, drops, shop, mobs with equipment and more.


  • Vault - For the general economy.
  • This plugin requires Java 8 or higher to work.
  • Alternative for MobSpawnes.
  • Ability to generate items, blocks, commands and potions with percentage. You can create as many generators as you like by blending potion, commands, spawn, and drops.
  • Generators with automatic start.
  • Use of fuel to run generators.
  • Shop for Generators and Fuels 100% configurable.
  • Stop and start by command all generators.
  • All generators can stack with a configurable limit
  • All generators can receive booster to speed up operation.
  • Monster Limiter and items around each generator.
  • Turn off operation in worlds.
  • Use SilkTouch to remove generators.
  • Configure the distance a player needs to be close to generate (this helps not to create lag)
  • All animations and effects are configurable.
  • Spawn monsters with pre-defined equipment
  • Everything is saved in SQLite to let lighter (soon mysql)


Spoiler: GIFS


Player Commands:

/generators - To open the generator shop.

Staff Commands:
/magicgen help - Show help menu
/magicgen reload - Reload the settings.
/magicgen listgen - List all types of generator.
/magicgen givegen <player> <type> [amount] [level] - Adds a generator to the player.
/magicgen listfuel - List all fuel types.
/magicgen givefuel <player> <type> [amount] - Adds fuel to the player.
/magicgen toggleactive - Turns on/off all generators.
/magicgen deleteallgens - Deletes all generators.
MagicGen.* - Use all commands.
MagicGen.admin - Use commands /magicgen
MagicGen.event.place - To place generators.
MagicGen.event.remove - To remove generators.
MagicGen.genshop - To open Shop of /generators
/generators > /generators, /genshop, /geradores, /gerador, /maquinas, /maquina
/magicgen > /mg, /magicgenerators


Spoiler: config.yml
Spoiler: gengui.yml
Spoiler: generators.yml
Spoiler: fuels.yml


Spoiler: en_US.yml

Spoiler: pt_BR.yml


By purchasing, downloading or using this plugin, you agree that you are purchasing a license to use the plugin. The license may be revoked at the copyright holder’s discretion. You may use the plugin on any servers you own. The copyright holder reserves the right to change, update, or modify these terms and conditions at anytime. Use of the plugin after the terms and conditions are modified, changed or updated means that you abide by them. You may not redistribute the plugin. Doing so will result in your license revoked and copies distributed disabled. You are also breaking international copyright treaties. You agree that no refunds are available and by opening up a dispute or charge back; your access to the plugin will be revoked and the money may
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Latest updates

  1. 2.4

    MagicGenerators | 2.4 ⦁ Fixed a bug where Generator Firework could do damage to players
  2. 2.3

    MagicGenerators | 2.3 ⦁ Fixed an error in adding banner items from version 1.13 or higher
  3. 2.2

    MagicGenerators | 2.2 ⦁ Fixed WaveGen related errors