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ᴾᴿᴱᴹᴵᵁᴹ <SALE 50%> ⚡ QShop ✨ Advanced 3 in 1 shop plugin! [1.14 - 1.16] 3.11.5

Nulled ᴾᴿᴱᴹᴵᵁᴹ <SALE 50%> ⚡ QShop ✨ Advanced 3 in 1 shop plugin! [1.14 - 1.16] 3.11.5 3.11.5

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Native Minecraft Version:1.14Tested Minecraft Versions:
  • 1.14
  • 1.15
  • 1.16
Languages Supported:Chinese (中文)Donation Link:

This is advanced 3 in 1 shop plugin, which includes GUI Admin shop, Chest Shop and Auction. This plugin is very simple to setup and use, it provides intuitive GUIs to create and manage your shops.





GUI Shop
Provides GUI AdminShop with easy in-game editor to create and edit shops and items.
• Very easy to use! In-game editor. Easy way to create/edit shops.
• 100% customizable! You can change everything as you want!
• Customizable mouse keys for shop actions (buy/sell/select).
Citizens support to open shops by interact with NPC.
• Sounds on Click/Buy/Sell.
• Transaction logs.
• Disable shop for specified gamemodes.
• Disable shop menu in specified worlds.
• Each shop may require permission to use.
Shop GUIs:
▸ 100% Customizable GUIs per each shop!
▸ Unlimited amount of custom items with PlaceholderAPI support!
▸ Place products at any slot in any order, no limitations!
▸ Custom frame animations for each GUI item (except products)!
▸ Sell normal and custom items.
▸ Sell (execute) commands on buy as a Player, Op or Console.
▸ Sell permanent permissions to player. [Vault Required]
▸ Each shop product can trade all the items above at once.
▸ Item preview in shop GUI may be different from a final item.
Product Quantity:
▸ Ability to define min. and max. product amount that player can buy/sell at once.
▸ Ability to define the duration (or disable it), while these limits will be active, like: Buy/Sell only N items per a Second(s)/Hour(s)/Day(s)/Week(s)/etc.
▸ Ability to make product buy/sell one-timed.
Amount selection GUI:
▸ Select how many items you want to buy or sell via customizable GUI.
▸ Option to fix vanilla item max stack size (deny stack weapons, etc)
▸ Define min. and max. possible amount for each item per deal.
▸ Define the buttons to select how many stacks you want to buy.
▸ Define the buttons to manage current item stack size (like +1, -1)
Happy Hours (aka Discount):
▸ Define the days and time intervals when hours will be active.
▸ Define custom Happy Hours for each shop or use global settings.
▸ Define the discount amount for each day/time.
▸ Per-product option to allow/disallow Happy Hours affect its price.
▸ Each shop may have it's own currency with custom name!
▸ 3 Default currency types: Item, Exp, Vault.
▸ External currencies: MySQL-Tokens
▸ Display current shop currency and user balance in shop GUI.

Chest Shop
Allows players to create their own shops in chests.
• Easy to use! In-game editor for easy edit shops.
• An option to make the shop adminshop with unlimited items.
▸ Define global module currency in the config.
▸ Change currency name and currency item.
▸ Any custom currency from the plugin config and compatibilities list is supported!
▸ Define price to create a shop.
▸ Define price to remove a shop.
▸ Define the shop limit for each permission group or make it unlimited.
Admin Restrictions:
▸ Disable chest shops in specified worlds.
▸ Disable from trade specified item materials.
▸ Disable from trade items with specified name and lore.
▸ Enable/Disable creating shops only inside player own WorldGuard regions / PlotSquared plots / Lands claims / GriefPrevention claims.
▸ Display shop product in a customizable showcase!
▸ Animate showcase title with product placeholders and specified interval!
▸ Customizable GUI with list of all your shops, where you can teleport to the shop or open the edit menu.
▸ Simple editor GUI menu for each shop to change prices and product, or delete the shop.
▸ Protection from pistons.
▸ Protection from explosions.
▸ Protection from stealing items.
▸ Protection from breaking/destroying.
Vault Economy required!
• Easy to use! Simple commands and GUIs!
• Custom command aliases!
• Listing Announces!
▸ Disable auction in certain worlds!
▸ Disable auction in certain gamemodes!
▸ Broadcast when new listing is added.
▸ 100% Customizable GUIs!
▸ Define slots for auction listings.
▸ Add your own custom items to the GUI.
▸ Modify any item slot, name, material, lore!
PlaceholderAPI support!
▸ Define min. and max. price limits or disable them.
▸ Define listing price tax or disable it.
▸ Define max. amount of listings for each rank or make it unlimited!
▸ Define min. and max. prices for specified materials.
▸ Define time in seconds before listing will expire.
▸ Define time in seconds before expired listing is removed.
▸ Define time in seconds before sale history is cleaned.
▸ 100% Custom item support!
▸ All item attributes are supported: model data, name, lore, enchants, tags, etc!
▸ An ability to forbid items with certain names.
▸ An ability to forbid items with certain lores.
Items Search & Sorting:
▸ Sort items in auction GUI by one of the following types: Name, Material, Price (min. and max.), Date (min. and max.), Seller name.
▸ Sort items in auction GUI by customizable categories like Tools, Combat, Food, etc.


(An official setup & usage video coming soon!)
GUI Admin Shop

Spoiler: Tutorial

Spoiler: Tutorial

To create a chest shop, there is 2 ways:
By typing /chestshop create while looking at chest.
2. By clicking a chest with an item in hand and type price in chat.
That simple!


/shop - Open main GUI shop menu.
/shop open [shop] - Open a specified GUI shop.
/shop editor - Open in-game editor for GUI shop.
/shop reload - Reload GUI module.

/chestshop create [buy price] [sell price] [admin<true/false>] - Creates the shop at the chest that you're looking at.
/chestshop remove - Removes the shop from the chest that you're looking at.
/chestshop list - List of all your shops.
/chestshop search <material> - Search shops for specified material.
/chestshop reload - Reload ChestShop module.

/auction [open] - Open auction.
/auction help - List of auction commands.
/auction sell <price> - Sell item on auction.
/auction expired - List of expired items.
/auction history - List of sold items.
/auction reload - Reload the auction configs.

/qshop reload - Full plugin reload.


quantumshop.user - User access.
quantumshop.admin - Admin access.

quantumshop.gui.main - Access to main GUI shops menu.<shop> - Access to specified GUI shop. - Allows to open main GUI shops menu via /shop command.[shop] - Allows to open certain GUI shop via /shop [shop] command.

quantumshop.chestshop - Full module access.
quantumshop.chestshop.teleport - Access to teleport to your own shops.
quantumshop.chestshop.teleport.others - Access to teleport to other player's shops.
quantumshop.chestshop.create - Access to create shops.
quantumshop.chestshop.remove - Access to remove own shops.
quantumshop.chestshop.remove.others - Access to remove other player's shops.
quantumshop.chestshop.adminshop - Access to create admin shops.
quantumshop.chestshop.list.editor - Access to edit shop from shops GUI.
quantumshop.chestshop.cmd - Access to all module commands.
quantumshop.chestshop.cmd.list - Access to list command. - Access to search command.
quantumshop.chestshop.price.negative - Access to set negative prices. - Access to set negative (disable) buy price.
quantumshop.chestshop.price.negative.sell - Access to set negative (disable) sell price. - Full auction access. - Auction bypass permissions. - Bypass price tax. - Bypass price limits. - Access to all auction commands. - Access to /auction [open] command. - Access to /auction sell command.

Spoiler: Media


Vault - If you want Economy and Permissions support.
Citizens - If you want to bind the shop with NPC.
MySQL-Tokens - Additional currency for GUI shops.
PlayerPoints - Additional currency for GUI shops.
GamePoints [Link] - Additional currency for GUI shops.


▸ ShopAPI - Provides access to shop modules and user data.

GUI Admin Shop
▸ GUIShopBuyItemEvent
- Called when player is about to buy product. Cancellable.
▸ GUIShopSellItemEvent - Called when player is about to sell product. Cancellable.
▸ GUIShop - Module instance.
▸ ShopGUI - Object that contains info of GUI shop.
▸ ShopGUIAmount - GUI Handler for product quantity.
▸ ShopGUIMain - GUI Handler for main shop menu.
▸ ShopGUIView - GUI Handler for ShopGUI object.
▸ ShopProduct - Product of ShopGUI.
▸ ShopProductLimit - Product quantity limitations of ShopProduct.
▸ PreparedProduct - Object that contains information about product that is prepared to trade.
▸ HappyHours - Object that contains discount information.

Chest Shop
▸ ChestShopSellEvent -
Called when player sells item to chest shop.
▸ ChestShopBuyEvent - Called when player buys item from chest shop.
▸ ChestShop - Module instance.
▸ ShopChest - Object that contains info about chest shop.
▸ ShopChestList - GUI Handler for ShopChest list and search.

If you have money, to buy this plugin, do so, because this leak is only for ppl with no money/PayPal accounts. This author deserves money for his job, so if you can, go support him <3
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