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    Our hosting provider or CloudFlare won't reply to any DMCA takedown notice!

    If you wish TakeDown of your resource then,
    Contact us at discord: TheSpace#0829

    Please allow up to a week for a discord reply!
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    In order to be able to download resources,
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Announcing our release!

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Welcome, everyone!

I'm here to tell ya we are now officially open to the public!
I'm really glad that I see you here.
You can now register, and also upload resources!
Remember, You must follow the rules!
By breaking any rules, your account will be suspended!

We hope that we'll be your #1 site for nulled resources!

Thanks for reading me!
Have a nice day!

Best regards, GhostLeaks staff team!

Referral season v1

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Hi users!
as you may notice,
we got now 300 members and we'll still grow!
So I have a challenge for you guys. Every user has their own ID which can be used to referring users.

By referring you'll get a reward!
Referring 10 users > Ghost rank for 1 week
Referring 20 users > Ghost rank for 2 weeks
Referring 50 users > Ghost rank for 5 weeks
Referring 100 ( and more ) users > Direct rank permanent

Your referral URL can be found at the forum on the right side or here: .

⚠ Please remember! Making multiple accounts to have more invites will leads to being banned! ⚠

To get your reward, please contact me at PM!

Good luck!
Have a nice day!
Sincerely, @TheSpace

Our YouTube channel :)

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Hey there our members

Yesterday I've created a channel for GhostLeaks.
I'll be really glad if you'll subscribe and share the channel with friends.
Url to the channel:
Also, I've posted a video on that channel :D So check it out and leave a like :)

Have a nice day!
Sincerely, @TheSpace

BullShitSpigot threaten our members

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Welcome, everyone!

Yesterday one of our members get a message from BullShitSpigot Staff. Well, piece of trash told the @JankoDanko that he's releaking from BullShitSpigot, Yeah you're right, But back to the past, The BullShitSpigot members and staff members releaked tons of plugins from our Friend Site LM and from DL too ... If you're planning to allow your members releak from others site well we'll do the same thing!
We're not scared of you, and even your stupid DDoS Attack as we get some days ago ...

we planning to keep your resources at our site until you'll stop releaking from other sites too :)

btw the message is here:

Have a nice day :)
Sincerely, @TheSpace

Announcing DDoS detection.

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Welcome, everyone!

I just wanna say, that we detected a DDoS attack at our site :)
We are almost 100% sure who, doing it.
Well and I wanna tell you that we mitigated most of the attack.
Also, we just enabled "Under attack" mode in CloudFlare :)
Just end of story :) No more DDoS attacks.
If anything new happened we'll fix that ASAP,
btw don't worry about resources, we'll keep the Injector backend 24/7 up.

Thanks for reading me!
Have a nice day!
Best regards, GhostLeaks staff team!